Installation of a New History DB 9.2

Hello Togehter, 

i am not able to get the a new simplified History DB running. 

What i have done so far : 

  • Install the administative Tools (9.2) on the Workstation
  • Use the ConfigWizard of those Tools and Create a New Database with the Dataarchive Modul
  • In OIM DB i did all the Configuration with Timetrace entry and export setting (hdb, package Size) 
  • When i try to run the Job "Transport to history database" i got a error
    • [810023] Fehler beim Ausführen des Statements: select
      JobChainName, UID_ProcessInfo, BasisObjectKey, FirstDate
      from HistoryChain
      where UID_HistoryChain = 'xyz'
    • Thats Logic because there is no "HistoryChain" on my OIM DB, this is only on the new HDB
  • So i thought the OIM DB need the Dataarchive Module as well, by try to do this i run into the next error
    • Module Data Archiving and Application Governance cannot be selected together.
      at InstallManager.UI.ModuleSelectionControl.lvModules_MouseDown(Object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
      at InstallManager.UI.ModuleSelectionControl.SelectItem(ListViewItem lvItem, Boolean bSelect)
      at InstallManager.Core.Selector.ModuleSelector.SelectModuleByRef(InstallModule module, SelectState selectState)

What i need to do, to get it Working ? i followed the administration guide...

Thanks for help