IT Shop - Require same system entitlements for multiple applications

Hi guys,

I need to create different applications into Web Portal and I have to assign to them the same system entitlements (type Active Directory):

Application 1 - entitlement x, entitlement y

Application 2 - entitlement x, entitlement y

Application 3 - entitlement x, entitlement y

When I assign entitlement x and entitlement y to Application 1 I cannot assign them to Application 2 and Application 3

Is there a way to achieve this result?



  • Hi Bianca,

    Without a lot of context it's always a bit of a guess if an answer will suffice, but here goes the attempt :).

    If you create system roles within application 1, application 2, and application 3 (you'd be creating 3, or 6 if you want an X and a Y for each application) system roles you should be able to make these requestable. The system roles can then all contain the same AD-groups as entitlements. So, you'd create system roles named something like

    <Sys role for Application 1 - Entitlement X>

    <Sys role for Application 1 - Entitlement Y>

    <Sys role for Application 2 - Entitlement X>

    <Sys role for Application 2 - Entitlement Y>

    <Sys role for Application 3 - Entitlement X>

    <Sys role for Application 3 - Entitlement Y>

    An entitlement (in the conceptual model) is a representation of something someone is allowed to do in that application. As such, an entitlement is linked to one application (otherwise, they wouldn't be different applications after all). By putting the system role in between you can combine system entitlements from multiple other applications. Be aware the actual entitlement will be in the AD (as that's the application it actually resides in) and if you change the AD group X in this case it will change for all 3 applications.

    From a more conceptual standpoint if there are actually 3 different applications I would normally recommend that should mean 3 AD groups... But, as said I lack a lot of context to be able to judge that here.

  • Thanks for your exaustive answer Jos! It is a good solution, even if this request sounds strange to me, too.