Run a attestation in the new IT Shop/Web Portal


how can I run a specific Atttestation case. In our case it's about creating a identity. When we create the identity and press the save button, I also want to run our specific attestation

Thank you


  • Hi Dominic,

    I would do it with a small custom process that listens to the INSERT event on Person and have it do a CallMethod("CreateAttestation", ..... with all the required paramaters.

    Is that what you're after?

    HTH, Barry.

  • Hi Barry,

    i found the problem. We already had a event listener on Person and it always checked the "ApprovalState". Somehow in the new web (Angular Web Portal) when i start the "Create Identity" the Approval State is already set at Certified and that's why our Attestation is not working. In the old Web (Web Designer) we had no problem. 

    I also couldn't update the ApprovalState to "New". Now i just set the "InitialApprovalState to "New". Now it's working.But is there a way to change it just for this case, when we create an "External" Person. I always get a Error (PUT)