Request IT Shop item for people not in the shop with new Web Portal

Hi everyone,

I am using One Identity Manager On Demand v.9.2 with the new Web Portal.

We need to allow some HR employees to request an item for all the users who do not have access to the IT Shop. If I remember correctly, this was possible with the old Web Portal.

Is it possible to do the same with the new one?

Thank you,


  • This would go against all the logic but You can try to generate a request with the script and see what will happen

  • Hi Michaela,

    To ensure we aren't confusing terms here...

    Do you mean people who aren't in any of the 'back-end' shop items in a customer node?

    Or do you mean people not able to log into the 'front-end' IT-Shop (for example due to a lack of an Azure AD-account).

    The 'first' should not be possible and would not be recommended...

    The idea of the 'back-end' Shops is to decide what can be requested (items in the shop).

    For whom (customer node of the shop).

    Under what conditions (the assigned approval policies).

    The second can work just fine... Just give the option to request 'on behalf of' people.