Service Items visibility based on the selection of the other service item

Hello All,

We are using One Identity Manager 9.2 version and using Angular Web portal.

We are trying to limit the visibility of service items based on the selection of the other service items selected on the portal.

We have explored the option of service item configuration parameter, but that will not help us in this particular case.

Thanks in advance,


  • So if I understand your use case correctly than if the requestable services items are:

    [ ] Chicken
    [ ] Egg

    When the user selects 'Chicken' the 'Egg' will disappear from the list and visa versa.
    Doesn't seem very user friendly, apart from the technical challenges.

    My two cents: In the web shop you should offer everything an user can request.
    And in the back-end you can make processes/approvals that take care of "conflicting apps" do the desicion making (SoD-rules).

  • In addition to Niels, you can work with product dependencies. In that case, the product will still be visible and can be requested but the validation during submitting the request will fail.