• Where does webdesigner/web portal gets the Field displaynames from?

    For some fields e.g UID_PersonOrdered, displaypersonordered, webdesigner/ITshop shows it as "Delegate" but the displayname in PersonWantsOrg or Shoppingcartitem is "Recipient".

    I'm trying to find where is it picking these names/titles…

  • Reactivating aborted PWOs after they were accidentally aborted

    A customer wanted to replace the old workflow on the ServiceCategory and they removed it and saved the item. Because there was no alternative workflow, all the requests were aborted with the reason “Automatic system approval: Assigned Element was deleted…

  • Employee with 2 account definition - access to IT SHOP

    Good evening to everyone,

    I have a question and I would like to understand if it's possible to do it or not.

    I have multiple employees  with two account definition : ad account and adm ad account,

    I would like to log in IT SHOP with employee credentials…

  • Integration with ServiceDesk (BPM Online) How to reopen PwO ?

    at the moment I am integrating with the BPM Online service desk system: the user orders access through the It shop, then using Rest-api OneIM (version 8.1.2) creating tickets in BPM , requests and receives statuses. Based on this, OneIM made decision…

  • Any way to not use a drop down for a sub-service category?

    Is it possible to not use a drop down as a sub category, and instead display them in the main section? A lot of our users are getting confused when they go to a service category via the IT Shop, however it then shows a blank screen as they need to select…

  • Create ITShop requests using scripts

    I want to create New ITShop Requests from a csv file that only has the userid and the product name. I created a script which reads the same and tried to create the same in the following way:

    Dim dbpwo As IEntity

    dbpwo = Session.Source.CreateNew("PersonWantsorg…

  • Access IT Shop using Employee Auth.

    Hello experts!

    I have installed One Identity Manager v8.0.4. I tried to access to the IT Shop using the employee authentication module ( Normally, I used AD module), but I cannot access to it, the error is: Wrong username or password. The steps I follow…

  • Error when approver change request on ITShop


    1IM v8.1

    On portal ITShop approver want change request and add second product. When click send the approver get error: 

    "An exception has occurred while executing the form method F0_ctl00_ControlRef8_ControlRef15_ControlRef15_ControlRef8b_Main_Main_Container6_Container7_Button4_Method…
  • IT Shop Requests and Delegation for Managers that are either OOO or on leave

    Hello All,

    I have a couple of questions i was hoping to get some ideas/recommendations on.  We are using OneIM 8.0.1.  I am part of the IT Shop Administrator also a member of the Chief Approval Team.  What i am trying to solve for now is if we have a manager…

  • IT Shop service item URL not showing as link after upgrade to 8.11

    We have URLs on service items (ProductURL in AccProduct : ex: https://portal.xxxxx.no/_layouts/download.aspx?SourceUrl=Documents/RIS-informasjon.xlsx ) that does not show as clickable links anymore. The just show as External Link

    This worked on 8.01 but…

  • New user certification attestation policy



    A External user registering on portal. 

    After, external user approver approved request and the external user, after click link in received email, can't submitted the request. 


  • Completed requests either do not show or show in Canceled Requests....

    Hello All,

    when a person requests something on IT Shop, if the request was approved and completed it doesn't show in Approved request under request history for that person... There are times it won't show those requests at all or they will end up in…

  • Is it safe to delete old and obsolete ShoppingCartItems and Orders from One Identity Manager Database?

    We have got a lot of data in shoppingcartitems and orders table and that is causing some issues when users try to submit new orders. 

    I'm trying to figure out, how is this data used internally in the product?

    I can see that ShoppingCartItems being…

  • Cancel IT Shop Order are not working from the Script Component

    Dear All,

    We are trying to abort or Unsubscribe IT Shop orders for a given SAP Account. Attached my code, it is working fine when i test the script directly calling from Script Debugger but it is not working when we call same script with same attributes…

  • Unable to raise ITshop request using CreateItshopOrder method


    We are trying to raise ITshop request using CreateITshopOrder method for ITshopOrgHasQERReuse object. We are trying to execute this method in Object browser but it is throwing below error

    "Assignment requests are not allowed for the given product…

  • Multi select Foreign key in Request property


    I am to have system roles UID to be available for selection in front end while requesting a product. I am able to make it multi selectable by using component "MultiFKCombo" from Web Designer but when I am trying to select multiple system roles from…

  • Implementing One Identity Defender to Identity Manager

    Hello everybody,

    I am trying to implement two-factor authentication by using One Identity Defender to ITShop and AppServer portals and then later to Manager and Designer apps. 

    For the web portals, I tried using the ISAPI Agent that One Identity provides…

  • Build MasterData URL in Attestation - approval required Mail Template OIM 8.0.1

    Hey folks,

    So I have been customizing some mail templates and so far so good for the most part. My current focus is on a new joiner use case, in which I trigger an API call to the application server to insert a person. Thanks to the help of some fine folks…

  • ITShop - Product Owner adding members to their product via ITShop interface

    Is there a way to allow the product owner to add a person directly to their product or make a request on behalf of an employee similar to the way a supervisor can?

    We are running IAM 6.1.4


    Robin Stone

  • How the password can be reset through ITshop request?


    I want to enable the user (we can assume it as support person) to reset the password of other users. I am trying to create a request property where in support person will select the user and then he will pass the password. But how can I have Password…

  • where can i see the pending approval for any requested IT-SHOP Items.

    where can i  see the pending approval for any requested IT-SHOP Items .Can i see this Manager tool or any other tool available to see where the current process is pending with..One user told us they have requested foe an item and cant get the AD group…

  • Selecting a reference user to copy its products assigned does not show all the assigned products of the user


    When I am trying to raise a request using "select reference user", it is not showing all the requested and assigned products of this user. What might be the cause for this? Please help

  • How to make attestation as a self service feature


    I want to attestation to be made as self service so that manager can run attestation on the objects. Right now, attestation runs on schedule basis or can be ran from backend (Manager) but I want to make this feature available in front end as well.…

  • ITShop Search Error: System.AggregateException: The operation has timed out (Version 8.0.1)

    Hey Folks,


    So after installing the application server and ITShop portal, I am having an issue with the search feature. Whenever I attempt to search for any item in either the top bar or within a new request I get the following:

    When I interrogate the…

  • Getting error "This employee is not authorized to make approvals"in "MakeDecision" method.



    my use case has approval workflow as below

    1. It is one level approval and has two approval steps.

    a. first step is "BS": back to requester

    b. second is "EX": external approval. External approval calls custom process and this custom process…