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Manager - Idiots Guide to Creating a Report Workflow

Quest Gurus,

I need some help in setting up a report workflow for attestation. Basically, our current setup will simply run an attestation build for each of the apps we have added to Q1 but once the user approves or denies someone, nothing happens. We are currently NOT wanting to use the auto-provision functions because there are too many variables in some of those provisioning steps. Instead, I would simply like a report to be generated that shows who was approved and by whom that we can take to internal audit. Based off my limited understanding of workfows, I have already created an approval workflow but I have not created a report workflow. I think I have to build a report workflow and add it to the approval policy or procedure.

Is this correct? If so, how might I accomplish this? If someone has a link to a step by step, that would be awesome. Thanks!