• Identity Manager DGE Activity Reports

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currentry trying to configure and display the Account Activity and Resource Activity reports in the Data Governance Edition for the following host types:

    1. DFS host

    2. Remote Windows Server (Resource Activity Report non available…

  • Report: How to get the Affected Objects view of a JobQueue in a sql query?


    What I want is to do a report of the frozen jobs in the Job Queue. If I go on a frozen job I can see the name of the affected objects thanks to the view "Affected Objects", is there a way to retrieve the data seen there thanks to sql request so…

  • Report built in webportal with a new column header


    Can someone tell me if there is a way to change the column header to have another name other than the technical name or display name in a report?

    I built the report in webportal then can see it in Manager. Was wondering if there is anyway to change…

  • Create report of password change attempts

    Hello Community,

    I need to create a report on password change attempts. Is there a table that collects password change attempts?

  • Analyzer functionalities for RBAC system

    Hi everyone,

    I need to implement an RBAC system with dynamic roles and I am using the Analyzer tool for the analysis. The version of 1IM is 8.1.5.

    I have some questions about the Analyzer functionalities.

    1. Is it possible to export a report with the…

  • Create report with two related tables


    You would need to create a report in which you relate the Person table and the PersonPasswordHistory table to the common field UID_Person.

    So that the report shows me the password changes along with the name and surname.

    How can i configure this…

  • Load stored PDF in Web Designer

    Hello everyone!

    We have one particular problem in our One identity environment 8.1. All editions that we make into our custom report for an attestation case don't apply to the report on a web portal.

    When I use Report editor I can see that all my…

  • Report for historical assignments and table UNSAccountInUNSGroup

    The standard report VI_Person_Overview_With_History show amongst other things historical assignments of UNSAccounts ang UNSGroups, with name of UNSGroup and assigned from and assigned until time, using CreationTime and DeletionTime. I would also like…

  • List of Users for UNSGroup (AD Domain Admins) and Report

    Hello - We're trying to find an OOB report or potentially create one that simply reports and lists all the current members of a specific UNSGroup.  To start, we're looking at our AD Domain Admins group and want to be able to create a PDF report to…

  • Passing parameters from process to report

    Hi Community

    I have a custom report. Four parameters are defined to run the query but two of them are customizable by the user while the other two are variable and their value can be assigned only by the process (from example RPS_RPSSubscription_Send_Report…

  • How to handle 500k rows of data in one Report

    I am attempting to export a report in Report Editor that contains a huge amount of data(500K rows) and would like to export the report in excel/csv.
    Version is 8.0 and the erro which I get is System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds…

  • Attestor-specific report as message body

    We currently have a attestor notification process that:

    1. Identifies an attestor with pending attestation approvals
    2. Executes a script to generate a message body containing a summary table of number of pending approvals per policy for the attestor
    3. Sends…
  • How to export report to xlsx format without having headers again and again


    I want to export the port to XLSX format via process and so I have added the export format parameter as "XLSX" but the report is having headers again and again. How to avoid this?

  • problem subscribing reports

    Hi all

    I'm trying to subscribe to some reports from web portal --> settings --> subscriptions,  but as I press the button "Add Subscription", I get the following error message:

    "Error while loading the collection RPSReport in VI_MyData_PersonalData_RPSControlRef2…

  • How to send subscribable report in xls format as an attachment in mail?


    I have created a process which sends an email with report as an attachment. While configuring mail, I have kept the format "mail template, report in attachment" and provided report in report parameter set. But here it is sending an email with report…

  • Error occurs when checking report from web portal


    we have created custom report of system role and input parameter required is UID_Eset and for the web portal we have created custom page to select UID_Eset and display this report. We are able to select and view this report in Manager tool but in…

  • Ho can we make Craeted Rports avilablein One Idm Portal so user can request for it

    Is there any way to create Reports via Report tool and make it avilable in User Portal ,so they can be requested  via User  Portal .Is there any way for it.

    PLease help me..

  • Report field is not exporting as a date in Excel

    Greetings, Background: I am attempting to export a report in Report Editor that contains a datatime field and  would like to export the field in excel as a date format. When the report is exported into Excel, my fields displays a string and not as a date…

  • Report subscription as CSV return empty file

    I have created a custom report in Identity Manager 8.0.1 through the web portal. In the portal and when subscribing by mail as .xls the report works fine, but when I try to subscribe to the report as .csv the mail contains an empty csv-file. Does anyone…

  • Syntax for Date Range Parameter in Report Editor


    I am not able to locate the correct syntax when using a data parameter where the Range = Yes for the Report Editor. I created a date parameter for my report and set it to Range = Yes but I am receiving errors when executing it because the syntax…

  • Query regarding one IM reports.

    Hi Experts,


    How to check what all type default reports available in one IM and to use default reports for different purpose. I am able to see only “Identity Manager 8.0 Report Subscriptions Administration Guide”. is there any other guides for Reports…

  • Disable new report option from end user in web portal.

    Hi All,


    Need quick help, if we want to restrict all users and allow only some of admin to create new report in web portal under reports, how can we achieve same?

    oneIM v8 STD.

    Thanks and Regards.

  • How update customer logo in existing reports.

    In Q1IM version 8.0, how to update customer logo instead of existing 1IM logo and also how to update web browser title value?

  • Weekly Scheduled Report for ADSAccount Disabled by Identity Manager

    I've been looking at report editor, and while I'm familiar with building reports, I can't seem to figure out how I build a report based on changes (account disabled) that occurred during a specific date range.


    • A report that includes…
  • Subscribable Reports with Parameters and IT Shop

    Hi All, 

    I've created few reports on Identities in the report designer and now I wanted to publish them in the IT Shop.

    I have two questions: 

    1. Should reports requested by IT shop item create a subscription automatically?
        Now I have some test requests…