Provision from HR Database to ActiveRoles & Intranet DB


Hoping some people with more experience with Quest Quick Connect can provide advice on the following issue:

I have a HR SQL database which I am provisioning users from on a daily basis to ActiveRoles Server, this is working great.

What I now need to do is use the same information to populate a SQL DB on our intranet, this is a staff telephone directory.

This is where I'm getting stuck, what's the best way to go forward?

  • Create a new workflow entirely
  • Add another step to the current workflow

I'm putting this question to the floor hoping that someone has tackled a similar issue and can help provide guidance.

Many Thanks,


  • You can go either way depending on your needs. I have a few workflows that contain steps linked to several diff connection strings. Workflows give you a way to organize your steps according to schedules and groupings. If you want both provisioning steps to run on the same schedule then I would suggest placing them in the same Workflow.

  • Thanks Greg,

    From what you are saying, having both steps in the same workflow would make sense, so the workflow would look something like this:

    Step 1:     HR DB > ActiveRolesServer

    Step 2:     ActiveRolesServer > Intranet Directory DB

    As far as I can see in QuickConnect, there's no way to provision from a SQL source directly to a SQL destination.

    I've yet to map data from ARS to the Intranet Directory DB. I anticipate this could be difficult, as there are lots of entries in the Intranet Directory DB that won't be in the HR DB.  Is there any way, via a Powershell script perhaps, that I can ensure that only the user(s) that get provisioned in step 1 are processed in step 2?

  • QuickConnect, beginning with v5, supports "any-to-any" synchronization meaning you can provision from SQL to SQL. Also, by configuring your mapping rules and filtering criteria you can manage what users are provisioned/updated in each step.

    I would recommend you study the QC Admin Guide supplied with the product to understand how the sync engine works, then setup a lab environment where you can run through the examples provided. It's a very powerful tool for synchronizing your network objects!

  • Thanks Greg,

    Looks like upgrading to v5 of Quick Connect could be the answer to my problem.  I'll pursue this avenue now.

    Failing that, I was thinking of maybe adding a workflow in ActiveRoles Server that triggers on a new user creation, that would script the SQL insert statement to the DB.  In your experience, is either method preferable other the other?

  • I suppose that ultimately depends on your environment's architecture and goals. QC works great for these scenarios for sure but there are some SQL update tasks in which I use PShell Tasks instead. Some tasks are just too processor intensive for me to justify placing inside ARS or QC, and I instead load up my Admin box with a scheduled task script instead. It's nice to have the options