• Assign Full Control of Computer to Active Directory user Account to make a rejoin.


    I have a request from customer about the possibility to give Full Control Permissions over an Active Directory Computer through One Identity Manager 8.1.5, maybe through request on ITSHOP.

    The reason is about having the permissions to make a rejoin…

  • Error carrying out the user_protectedfromaccidentaldeletion_Get operation


    I've encountered the following error when running Active Directory Initial Synchronization.

    [System.Exception] Error carrying out the user_protectedfromaccidentaldeletion_Get operation on object CN=ASPNET,CN=Users,DC="blank",DC=lan (Error: [System…

  • Remove an Active Directory domain and all its related objects

    Hello group!!

    Recently, we have decommissioned an Active Directory domain and now what we want to do is remove it from IDM and all of its related objects.

    After doing some search in the One Identity documentation, I have found this stored procedure QB…

  • SAPHR Synchronization Editor LOG Error [810235] Could not delete object from Person because there are still objects assigned


    Currently we are using version 8.1.3.

    Once in a while the client team review the log of the synchronization  project "SAPHR" (CSV File import).

    The log contains a few error messages regarding Synchronization step "Person".


  • Adding to AD Group when Employee is disabled


    I have a little problem with active directory group assignment.

    I want the disable users group to be added to the active directory account when the user is disabled.

    I also want it to be removed from all other groups except this group.

    What should…

  • deferred deletion of ADS containers stalled


    I'm trying to provision a hierarchical structure of OUs to AD. One of the problems I have is that in OIM I've created, at the same hierarchical level, multiple OUs with the same name. This seems to be allowed in OIM, but not allowed in AD; and…

  • AD sync failing with parameter exception error.

    Hi Team,

    AD sync is continuously failing with error,

    ErrorMessages (2022-05-12 11:56:52.830) [2134003] Error executing synchronization.
    [1777018] Error executing synchronization project (Active Directory Domain (DC=***,DC=INT))'s workflow (Active Directory…

  • limit access to active users

    Hi Team,

    I have set-up birth right AD group at root location so all users who are on-boarded getting added to that group but while applying the setting AD group was added to all inactive users as well.

    How can we limit this to only active users?

  • Create an Active Directory connector and do the first sync project

    I need help to create a connector with active directory, make a synchronization project and create users, if possible I would like a documentation on how to do these procedures...

    Version: 8.1.4

  • The object of type (ADSAccount) was ignored during synchronization. - Active Directory

    I'm trying to create users inside the "Manager", but not synchronize I get the message in the report: "The object of type (ADSAccount) was ignored during synchronization." - "Reason: The object has pending process steps".…

  • Error syncing AD and releasing permissions on job server

    I'm trying to sync my active directory (windows server 2016) with One identity manager but the installation doesn't recognize my Job server.
    I tried to release the sync permission by the Designer but the application does not finalize the command…

  • MarkAsOutstanding object was published/reset but revert to being outstanding

    I published and reset the outstanding group object in Active directory however it is reverting to be outstanding. What should be the best way to fix the outstanding object? I need to to publish it as the user is in need of the group membership in AD but…

  • Which filter is more suitable?

    We received a hint from our colleagues, who administrate the Active Directory, that we can exclude user objects, which have the value 2048 in the attribute userAccountControl.

    We have done first tests with our own schema class - in our opinion this worked…

  • Active Directory schema loading crash when DC in DMZ


    1IM 8.1 SP2.

    We try create synchronization project for Active Directory. DC Active Directory is place in DMZ.

    We have opened on DC only ldap(s) – 389 (ldap), 636 (ldaps), 88 (Kerberos), 53 (DNS) ports. In process loading schema we have crush report…

  • Error while provisioning or update of AD Account

    Hi Community,

    While I am trying to update the AD account attribute in ADSAccount table, the OOTB process "ADS_ADSAccount_Update/(De-)activate" triggers and it is erroring out in the provisioning step with the following error.

    Error executing synchronization…

  • Error while Provisioning AD Account

    Hi Community,

    I have been trying to provision an AD account, and created an provisioning workflow for that in the synchronization editor. But, whenever I try to update any parameter in the ADAccount table the following OOTB process "ADS_ADSAccount_Update…

  • Assign entitlements assigned to department to employees with exception

    I have AD groups assigned to Department with inheritance - how to assign this groups only to employees in this department which meet the condition?

  • ADSDOMAIN: The following fields are compulsory and need to be filled: Forest

    Hello Dears,

    I am integrating Active Directory with One identity Manager.

    When I create a synchronization project through synchronization editor I am facing the following error

    "ADSDomain: The following fields are compulsory and need to be filled: Forest…

  • Doubt regarding outstanding ADSaccount objects

    Hi Fellow Experts,

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    A quick question, I'll be apply a scope filter to only sync 1 OU (at target system side) in synchronization project which will make 95% of the objects Outstanding.

    Now, will deleting the Outstanding…

  • Fetch Todays System date In Web Designer. By Default.

    Hi Everyone,

    We have a requirement while creating a new contractor manually from the IT shop, Joining Date should be automatically populated as the current date,
    so that users cannot select the previous date, and in the case of leaving date, past dates…

  • Active Directory schema update doesnt show new attribute

    After creating synch project with AD, there was added new attribute (in AD).

    Schema update in synch editor doesnt help to see this attribute

    If I create new synch project with AD this attribute is present.

    Any way to update schema in created synch project…

  • 1 user license does not sync properly into AD

    Hi all, I have a sets of user and I added a license on their department all user where to sync properly into AD but among them there is one user who does does not sync into the ad properly when I check the AD it is missing the License. I am currently…

  • INACTIVE account in One identity but still ACTIVE in active directory

    Hi again, I have a problem regarding the deactivating an  Active Directory account. It appears that the account is already INACTIVE in One Identity but still active on ACTIVE DIRECTORY.

  • Create ADSContainer from Departments automatically

    Is it possible to create missing ADSContainers from Departments structure automatically?

  • HRIS User Attribute and AD Group Mapping?

    Hello – we are currently running OneIM 8.1.3 and have our HRIS system successfully sending user data into our DB and sync’d with Active Directory.  We recently ran across a use case that requires that; A User from our HRIS system with a Sub…