• AD update schema error

    Hi Experts,

    We have exported AD sync project from Synchronization editor and imported it to on new environment.

    After importing it, we have updated connection details to Target system for  new Active Directory then we are trying to update schema.


  • UNSRootB Base Object is not working as expected with different Sync Projects

    Hi there,

    I have different projects using different connectors (Powershell, Native Database) to pull accounts from different Target Systems, those accounts are mapped to UNSAccountB and every project has their own Base Object and Variables.

    So my goal…

  • UNSAccountB process is not firing for INSERT events for Provisioning using Powershell Connector


    I want to Create Active Directory Accounts using the Powershell Connector with the OOB AD Sample.xml definition file in my Sync Editor Project.

    Right now I'm able to execute the Full Sync, so the AD Accounts are under UNSAccountB but I can't Provisioning…

  • RE: Synchronizing Integer Column with NULL

    Hi Febin,

    the column EOG_USER_ID is marked as primary key column which sounds strange to me if the column allows NULLs for it.

    Can you send me the table definition please? I'm trying to dig down a little further.

  • RE: Synchronizing Integer Column with NULL

    Hi Febin,

    can you provide a screenshot of the mapping?

    And just for clarification, you are using the native Oracle connector and not the ADO.NET generic option?

    If so did you overwrite any of the DMLs (Script or SingleLine DML)?

  • RE: How to filter/scope target system values


    you have to create two custom target system schema classes and two mappings. In the custom schema classes you can apply a filter to distinguish between users and roles.

    I've done that for an Oracle User Profile sample.


    1. Create a custom…
  • RE: Sync Editor: Configuring a MSSQL connector for 7.0.2, Update operation

    Hi Osvaldo,

    the store you are using only contains changed values. That's the reason why your replace throws the error.

    That's why you should normally use something like the following to avoid the error:

     if (store.Contains("NAME"))


  • RE: The object has pending M:N provisioning tasks


    your LDAP is configured to do single ad-hoc membership changes for the provisioning tasks. So for any membership change an entry will be recorded in DPRMembershipAction. These entries will be used by the ad-hoc provisioning steps in addition to the…

  • How to use RFC_READ_TABLE BAPI function in Quick Connect for SAP 2.2?

    I need to read custom tables created in a SAP HR system, I read the QC SAP 2.2 Quick Start Guide and found that there is a BAPI Function for the Quick Connect SAP solution. Is there any documentation that explains how to configure/use this RFC_READ_TABLE…