• IT Shop Requests and Delegation for Managers that are either OOO or on leave

    Hello All,

    I have a couple of questions i was hoping to get some ideas/recommendations on.  We are using OneIM 8.0.1.  I am part of the IT Shop Administrator also a member of the Chief Approval Team.  What i am trying to solve for now is if we have a manager…

  • Completed requests either do not show or show in Canceled Requests....

    Hello All,

    when a person requests something on IT Shop, if the request was approved and completed it doesn't show in Approved request under request history for that person... There are times it won't show those requests at all or they will end up in…

  • Cancel IT Shop Order are not working from the Script Component

    Dear All,

    We are trying to abort or Unsubscribe IT Shop orders for a given SAP Account. Attached my code, it is working fine when i test the script directly calling from Script Debugger but it is not working when we call same script with same attributes…

  • Unable to raise ITshop request using CreateItshopOrder method


    We are trying to raise ITshop request using CreateITshopOrder method for ITshopOrgHasQERReuse object. We are trying to execute this method in Object browser but it is throwing below error

    "Assignment requests are not allowed for the given product…

  • How the password can be reset through ITshop request?


    I want to enable the user (we can assume it as support person) to reset the password of other users. I am trying to create a request property where in support person will select the user and then he will pass the password. But how can I have Password…

  • Selecting a reference user to copy its products assigned does not show all the assigned products of the user


    When I am trying to raise a request using "select reference user", it is not showing all the requested and assigned products of this user. What might be the cause for this? Please help

  • How to make attestation as a self service feature


    I want to attestation to be made as self service so that manager can run attestation on the objects. Right now, attestation runs on schedule basis or can be ran from backend (Manager) but I want to make this feature available in front end as well.…

  • Getting error "This employee is not authorized to make approvals"in "MakeDecision" method.



    my use case has approval workflow as below

    1. It is one level approval and has two approval steps.

    a. first step is "BS": back to requester

    b. second is "EX": external approval. External approval calls custom process and this custom process…

  • How to assign active directory group account manager through ITshop ?

    My use case is: If the current account manager of AD group gets disabled, it gets removed as an account manager from the AD group which is as expected but now I want to assign new account manager to this AD group through ITshop and the workflow to assign…

  • Field UID_PersonDeputyITShop is not in Person table anymore



    I've got a question regarding delegation in the IT Shop.

    In v6, we used to have a field called UID_PersonDeputyITShop which allowed us to declare a Person as the deputy of another for all of his/her responsibilities.

    This field does not seem to appear…