Completed requests either do not show or show in Canceled Requests....

Hello All,

when a person requests something on IT Shop, if the request was approved and completed it doesn't show in Approved request under request history for that person... There are times it won't show those requests at all or they will end up in "Canceled Requests" section.  Is this normal?  or am i missing a configuration somewhere that will allow me to see all the request history properly?

All your help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Did you check the approval workflow of some of these request in Manager? What does it say about the canceled state?

    Are these products multi-requestable? If so, the workflow will not stay in the state assigned. Check the documentation about these multi-requestable items for more background information.

    And an obvious one, the request history by default only shows the requests for yourself. If you have requested stuff for others, you have to use the advanced search.