• Connecting Azure Service Principal with OpenID with API Server not AppServer

    I am currently working on integrating my Azure App with an external API Server using OAuth and have successfully established a user-based connection to the web portal. However, my objective now is to enable service-to-service communication, allowing the…

  • How to get authenticated with OAuth in REST API

    I have implemented a REST-API  with API designer to be consumed by the users to Get and POST data to the system.

    Until now The user authenticates using RoleBasedPerson calling first the POST Request imx/login with their credentials in the Body, e.g.:

  • How to use OAuth 2.0 with Application Server via RESTful API


    Currently we have an application that communicates with the 1IM system via the RESTful API provided by the application server. This communication is currently done via the RoleBasedEmployee Authentication Module. 

    We are looking into changing this…

  • RE: Dell one Identity Manager integration with Cloud Access manager


    Dell One Identity Manager does not support the SAML authentication scheme but you can use the OAuth authenticator of D1IM in combination with Dell One Cloud Access Manager 8.1.