• AD sync project doesn't dump all the accounts

    Hello everyone,

    I have created a sync project with an AD domain. I can dump the information into One Identity 8.1. The problem is that seems there is 400 accounts in the domain, however, I can only dump about 80 accounts into the system. I did not see…

  • The template (MySQL Template) could not be applied successfully

    Dear Identity Manager Expert,

    I've not been able to sync with Mysql DB using Synchronization Editor in the last step of creating a sync project (All the previous connection steps did goes well) as i'm trying to sync to OrangeHRM (runing on Oracle Linux…

  • Synchronization... Two questions

    1. Is there a way to synchronize select individuals from AD? 

    2. We are migrating from 6.4 to 8 and currently use Quickconnect to sync passwords to a non ad connected system. Can we continue to count on that ability using the agents? Or is there another…

  • Warning : DialogTable: Event PostSync is not defined.


    We have a custom table and an INSERT process tagged to it. Upon executing the synchronization from synchronization editor, as seen in the jobqueue, it triggers that INSERT event.

    However, the script that is tagged to that INSERT event does not run…

  • Error on Exchange Online Sync OIM 8.0.1

    Hey Guys,


    We have been working on a test tenant in O365. While I can connect to the Azure tenant, sync and provision users, I am not having as much success with the Exchange Online connector.

    Once I cleared all of the connectivity related issues, I am…

  • Virtual mapping attribute (object reference) not provisioned in AdHoc


    for ADS synchronization, I have created a custom virtual attribute of type 'object reference'. This attribute contains the short name of the account owner's department (UID_Person.UID_Department.ShortName). The field 'Department' is used for…

  • UNSRootB Base Object is not working as expected with different Sync Projects

    Hi there,

    I have different projects using different connectors (Powershell, Native Database) to pull accounts from different Target Systems, those accounts are mapped to UNSAccountB and every project has their own Base Object and Variables.

    So my goal…

  • How to re-trigger provisioning of AD groups including all members



    we have some inconsistency issues regarding AD group memberships, where we would like to simply re-provision individial ADSGroups in 7.1.1.

    However, we couldn't find a way to achieve this. For oustanding groups (missing in target system) there is…

  • Sync Process Fails for User with Locked Property


    I'm currently testing methods of preventing updates on certain properties for specific users in our non-production environment. We have selected 'prohibit modification' for the CCC_JobCodeType property field on a test Person.



  • MarkAsOutstanding for person objects when importing from an HR feed


    Just wondering about how to handle an HR feed (typically from a CSV file) where removed/deleted employees are removed from the file. The use case is that some employees are fed from a file and others are created manually in 1IM.

    I have tested to configure…