• Setting up web server that is running on AKS - oneidentity/oneim-web


    I set up servers on ACR and AKS

    When I try to login to web server with the viadmin or user that I created during the DB initialization, I get error wrong password or user. When I try to create a new one from the portal I get:

    An error occurred…
  • Error while installing Application Server

    Hello community,

    we are in the process of building an environment for updating from version 8.1.5 to version 9.1.1.
    For this we are using Windows Server 2022 Servers.

    During the installation according to the requirements for an application server we get…

  • Job service connection via application server


    Just wondering if anyone has any advice around connecting a job service via an application server.  Any gotcha's or best-practice would be great to hear about.



  • Application Server: Possibilty to customize the scope of index search


    We are running a 8.2 environment and using the web portal for end users. Because we have a large number of products, we enabled the config parm "Common\DBConnection\WebListLimit" to show a maximum of 1000 records per index search. If the possible result…

  • Multiple application servers with Indexing

    Assuming multiple application servers are deployed is it okay that each one runs Search Service and Search Indexing Service?

  • Web Application connect to Application server


    I have met an issue today: I can't create any user from the web portal anymore. I have an error like: 

    An exception has occurred while executing the form method Popup0_Popup0_ControlRef2_Container6_Button1_Method.
    Application server returned…
  • Accessing the Application Server Status Page Failing in IE, Fine in Chrome

    In a lab using v8.1.1, I've installed an application server into a https website with a self signed certificate. I selected anonymous authentication when I installed the App Server. When I navigate to the site in chrome, I get the One Identity logon page…

  • AppServer - How often does the search index update itself?


    we have a OneIM database migrated to version 8.0.3 in our test environment.

    Our observation is that expected terms are not found in the search index after importing transports.
    If this is noticed during the tests, we will trigger the update of the…

  • Getting error in AD synchronization


    I am trying to run AD sync and in the configuration, I have One IM connection via App server (configured in synchronization editor in AD project). When I run the sync, application server throws below error

    2019-01-30 15:10:09.3725 ERROR (ObjectLog…

  • Error occurs when job service is running behind load balancer


    I have installed job server and provided application server connection instead of database connection in config file. And application server is installed behind load balancer. Job service runs for sometime properly and after sometime it throws error…

  • "Key not valid for use in specified state" error when logging in to Application Server

    We have installed One IM version 8.0 and Application Server as well. We have encrypted database. But getting below error when we try to login to App server. 

    "System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: Key not valid for use in specified state…

  • How to configure loadbalancer for Application Server


    We have configured loadbalancer for web portal. But not sure, how can we have same functionality of load balancing for Application Server. We are trying to install Application Sever on two servers with their dedicated IIS and Application Pools. It…

  • Password Reset Portal and API (v8.0.1)

    Hey all,

    Can anyone speak to whether a method or script is exposed via the API that would allow for retrieving a passcode for a person? While the current experience in the password reset portal is a great feature, I am looking to see if I can mock up a solution…

  • Calling Scripts via Application Server RESTful API using Common_StartScripts permission not working


    We are trying to call a custom script via the Application Server RESTful API. 

    We have made sure that the user who does this has an application role assigned which has the permission group Common_StartScripts. 
    This application role also has the permissions…

  • How to use OAuth 2.0 with Application Server via RESTful API


    Currently we have an application that communicates with the 1IM system via the RESTful API provided by the application server. This communication is currently done via the RoleBasedEmployee Authentication Module. 

    We are looking into changing this…

  • How to approve a pending request via the AppServer API


    I am currently working on a project that requires an iOS app to talk to the D1IM API. 

    This is working perfectly and I can pull out the information I need and present it in the app.

    However I am having trouble on how to approve a pending request via…