• Compositions API HandleGetByQuery restricts where-clause when accessing DialogConfigParm table


    when setting up an HandleGetByQuery API method for fetching data from the DialogConfigParm table, the resulting query gets restricted by the object layer:

    API method:


  • Best practice passing objects from Composition API to a DialogScript


    this is a followup to the already answered question How to invoke a script from within the Composition API.

    I want to pass an object of a certain type to the DialogScript function. Since custom classes implemented in the Composition API are not…

  • EntityLoadType for IEntitySource.GetAsync in Composition API


    what is the effect of using the different EntityLoadTypes? I can't see any difference on the IEntity object returned when using GetAsync:

    var query = Query.From("Person").Select("FirstName", "LastName").Where("CentralAccount = 'xyz'");

  • Invoking script in composition API


    what is the right approach to invoke a script that's stored in the database within the Composition API? Does the API Server has any similar method for invoking scripts as the App Server has?

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