• itshop default display field


    We are using One Identity Manager 8.2.1.

    For facilitating end user experience we would like to customize itshop.

    Is it possible to customize default field (Recipients) and add new custom buttons? (BTW how we can attach screenshot?).

    Thank you…

  • SAP Connector Custom Project Templates

    Hi Community, 

    I'm using One Identity manager 9.1 for a Customer and we have to connect multiple SAP Environments with different clients per Environment and CUA is not implemented, so every client is managed differently in the same SAP Environment. The…

  • Make a custom columns view automatically selected in WebPortal

    Hi everyone,

    Is there a way to automatically select a saved custom view at page load in One Identity 8.1.5?

    Basically, I would like to select this

    without have to do it every time.


  • Fetching data from database in web portal using new Angular based web portal

    Hi, we are having trouble understanding how data is retrieved from the database in frontend. We are struggling to find examples of actual api calling methods, instead what we find are variables like data, datasource, entitySchema etc. without any pointers…

  • Web Portal - Creation of a form with 2 insert in 2 different tables

    in OneIdentity 9.1 I have customized the Web Portal through WebDesigner tool creating a custom form to make an insert in a single table.
    Is there a way to create a form with fields from 2 different tables?

    Basically I have to compile a form and do insert…

  • Application Server: Possibilty to customize the scope of index search


    We are running a 8.2 environment and using the web portal for end users. Because we have a large number of products, we enabled the config parm "Common\DBConnection\WebListLimit" to show a maximum of 1000 records per index search. If the possible result…