• Data import tables for Department


    In Q1im version 6.0 Data Import tool seems to have changed so that it doesn't show columns like shortname any more like in version 5? We have HR feed that gives "codes" from other tables and no names from other than csv-files. I imported the csv with…

  • Designer - SQL Database Import not Updating UNSAccountB


    I eluded to this question in a previous post and despite my best efforts, I can't find a solution yet. So here is the situation, one of the applications we are attesting to runs off an MS SQL Database and our DBAs have basically given the Quest…

  • Data import tool import script date handling


    got a csv file from HR that has different handling of dates than before. Previously the date has been dd.mm.yyyy. Now it is formed ddddmmdd. Data import script throws an error stating that it does not recognice the format. Tried to handle it with a…

  • WebDesigner - Data Action "Code"

    Hi All,

    In WebDesigner, I need to call an external dll which takes 2 input parameters and returns True or False. Is Data Action "Code" the right one to use or "object Method" or something else? If anybody has sample code, it would be great. Also, does…

  • Template updating from person Manager to ADS_Accountmanager fails during data import


    I have a problem with data import and updating updated person's Manager value to Ads Account Manager field-

    Data import changing Manager value for Managed employees gives an error stating that:

    Active Directory user accounts: Viewing permission…