• Need help in configuring a sample application

    Hi all,

    I'm very new to identity manager, can anyone help me how to start with a sample application for creating sync projects, imports data, join accounts, provision and de provision of user accounts, Configure Entitlements and Publish Entitlements…

  • vid_insertforhandleobject_freeze


    we are migrating to V7.1.1.

    I can't find the function vid_insertforhandleobject_freeze in the database.

    How can we trigger an Dataset Insert / Update via SQL ?

    We have special programming in SQL, so DataImporter is no alternative.

    exec vid_insertforhandleobject_freeze…

  • Import new license

    One of our customers renew its license for Q1 Identity Manager.

    Should we import the new license to the product or no ?

    I see that the License Meter tool for reporting only.

  • Designer - SQL Database Import not Updating UNSAccountB


    I eluded to this question in a previous post and despite my best efforts, I can't find a solution yet. So here is the situation, one of the applications we are attesting to runs off an MS SQL Database and our DBAs have basically given the Quest…

  • Unable to delete users in custom UNS system that had a default initial account definition assigned


    1. Created a custom target system with its own account definition and set the default initial account definition for the target system to this object. Used data import to create my new sync to the SQL server housing custom application to import…