• Questions about messages from the SAP Synchronization Log


    we are still using version 8.0.5

    During a review of the logs of the synchronization with SAP R/3 we noticed strange messages

    #1 SAPTitle
    we have no influence on the Titles in SAP and can't make sense of this message yet

    [810391] Error flushing…

  • Hybrid Exchange Connector - Command launched from One Identity

    I made an Hybrid Exchange Connector and I was asking: is it possible to see somewhere commands (powershell I guess) launched from OneIdentity against Exchange during provisioning through an Hybrid Exchange connector?

    In particular we would like to know…

  • Import csv - FileNotFoundException

    Hello mates,

    I'm trying to import a csv through "LaunchPad>CSV Connector > Data import"

    When I go to view the JobQueue the process is "FROZEN" and log gives me the next error:

    [1777292] Error connecting system (CSV Connector…

  • i have configured TRACE log setting for SYNC jobs.But i cant see the Trace logs.

    I have to enable the TRACE log for SYNC task in "globallog" config file like below,

    <targets async="true">
    <default-wrapper xsi:type="BufferingWrapper" bufferSize="256" flushTimeout="2000" />…

  • How to rise error during synchronization?


    I have a basic synchronization project to import a bunch of CSV files. The data I would like to import in One Identity Manager looks like this : 


    code2;            ;              ;valueC2



  • Sync Process Fails for User with Locked Property


    I'm currently testing methods of preventing updates on certain properties for specific users in our non-production environment. We have selected 'prohibit modification' for the CCC_JobCodeType property field on a test Person.



  • RE: Send synchronization editor log with a mail

    Hi Mik,

    the logged Information of the synchronization runs are stored in the One Identity Manager database in the tables starting with DPRJournal...

    You can use the report DPR_Journal_Summary to export the complete log using the report component.

    To generate…