• SQL relationship for ADSAccount in ADGroup


    I'm working on building reports in Report Designer to pull user information if they are members in certain AD groups.  Can the foreign key and table relationship for such a SQL query be highlighted for such a query?


    select a.displayname…

  • Report to show ADSAccount Disable Date

    I've been working on building a report to show the exact date the ADS Resource flag is checked.  I can see that its easily viewable in the Process History on an ADS resource but am having a difficult time translating this either into a SQL query that…

  • Rule Violation not showing

    Hi All,

    I created a compliance rule and request a product that generate a violation to the rule, the user gets the product and the violation is shown in the information column of the request history:

    Product          Status          Information

    ABC              Assigned           i X

    X = Rule Violated…

  • How to find the Identity Audit Rule if user gets the entitlement?


    We have a requirement to create a report that will have as an input the Employee Identifier and Entitlement Identitier, and as a result will list any Identity Audit Rule that could break if the user gets that entitlement.

    Is that possible?

    I would appreciate…