• How can I change the default table colum size from products at the IT-Shop?

    I would like to change the default size because the productnames too long.

    Additional Attachments:

    Quest One Identity Manager - target state.jpg

  • Change Mail template "IT Shop request - not granted approval"

    I want change the copy of the mail template "IT Shop request - not granted approval".

    This following (see attachments: "xxx_IT Shop Shop request..." and "wrk-de-idm-01....." is currently displayed in the notification mail.…

  • Error "Server Error in IdentityManager Application" during IT-Shop checkout

    Hello Everyone,

    When using the Identity Manager IT-Shop web portal the website fails with the error “Server Error in ‘/IdentityManager’ Application.” when clicking “Yes” after clicking the “Check & Submit to shopping cart” button.…

  • Select specific linked AD account for request in IT Shop

    Hello, we have employees with multiple linked and managed AD accounts attached to their IDM employee record (everyday account, elevated accounts, etc.). We have seen an issue when a user with multiple linked accounts request a distribution list or security…

  • Customizer-Method for adding a notice into the PWODecisionHistory?/ Insert data into the PWODecisionHistory

    Hi there,

    i have a question regarding the customizer-methods for the PWO or rather how to insert notices into the table pwodecisionhistory.

    What i want to implement is an Option to set some notes into the PWODecisionHistory. Detailed. An approver should…