• workday sync failed

    Hello Mates,

    My work day sync has below error while trying to update mail address from person to workday.

    ErrorMessages (2021-08-23 12:39:13.723) [1777018] Error executing synchronization project (Workday)'s workflow (Provisioning).

    [1777124] Error…

  • DLL verification

    Hello Experts,

    How can we find the list of DLL's in our server service folder for a particular sync project?

    For example , if I want to know all the DLL's for AD sync project ,How can I find it? Does the DLL have any naming convention?


  • How to read event (insert/update/delete) in script property (sync editor)

    Hi all,

    I am syncing data in Application table which has the mandatory column "Version". I want to insert 1 on the insert event and want to increment that number with each update. How do I read the event in the script property in sync editor?…

  • SAP ERP S/4 Connector in OneIM 8.1.4

    Hello All,

    We are using OneIM 8.1.4 version. We have requirement to connect SAP s/4 systems.

    Also, We checked that seems that in SAP connector we have only SAP R/3 connectors only.

    Can we connect those systems with OneIM? If so, could you please share…

  • Sync Project Oracle Data Provider for ado.net connector

    Hello Experts,

    I am trying to set up a Sync Project to use stored procedures of an oracle db.

    I read that I need to use a ado.net generic connector.

    When trying to add the dll for the Oracle Data Provider I get following error:

    I tried downloading different…

  • Error while assigning SAP roles to the user

    I am getting the below error while trying to assign SAP roles to the user from synchronisation editor. Could someone please suggest am I getting this?

    The system.exception says Bitte ein Initialkennwort angebenwhich which translates to "Please enter an…

  • How to synchronize just one Organizational Unit

    Hi all!

    I need to do something unusual, I think, and I really need an advice.

    I have a standard Active Directory synchronization project that synchronizes all the AD objects.

    I need to build another workflow based on that project to just synchronized…

  • What must be done to obtain a unique schema property?

    In a sync project for data exchange with an application based on an MSSQL database, we use the sync project for MSSQL databases.
    The mapping is set up so that the desired data can be determined and transferred. However, when we run the first simulation…

  • Does Key Resolution by reference work with XObjectKey?


    We are planning to provide an application with information from the One-IM database.
    Here we have created a custom table - including with a column CCC_DepartmentX, which contains the XObjectKey of the department. 

    Since it is an MSSQL database, we…

  • Unexpected Sync Results in Identity Manager 8.1

    I am trying to figure out why this is not working as expected. The scenario is pretty simple, I have a SQL database with a table with only two columns that combined make the primary key. This table is simply a person id and group id. I am having OneIM…

  • Loop a process for each CSV file that is in a share


    My current predicament is that I have a process that for each CSV file existing in a share, validates the file and if it's ok, then should call a synchronization project. After the import is done, the file should be moved into a processed folder and…

  • Understand the default DN syntax the SAP Connector uses for Person


    Trust you are safe and healthy.

    The variable "vrtdistinguishedName" in the mapping "Employee" from the SAP Connector using the HCM employees objects template, generates a default value like "CN=<EmployeeID>,OU=000,OU=…

  • AD sync project doesn't dump all the accounts

    Hello everyone,

    I have created a sync project with an AD domain. I can dump the information into One Identity 8.1. The problem is that seems there is 400 accounts in the domain, however, I can only dump about 80 accounts into the system. I did not see…

  • Exchange Online Access and Authentication

    Doing a project at the moment for a customer that has set up a greenfields Azure tenancy and wants it fully managed by One Identity. Azure sync is pretty much all good, but having some problems with Exchange Online.

    Environment is a big issue, while Azure…

  • SAP default Base Administration template synchronization project error Inserting duplicates even though object exist.

    Dear fellow experts, I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

    I'm seeing a very strange behavior and I was hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

    We have configured a SAP CUA synchronization project in read only mode using the default…

  • SAP HCM - Simulation report doesn't show Inserts for Employee objects


    I configured a synchronization project using the default HCM Employees project template in read only access. When I run the simulation report I can see that (employee) synchronization step is run with processing steps is 1999 (does this mean that…

  • Is SAP R/3 HCM employees objects included as default with SAP R/3 project templates


    Quick question, is SAP R/3 HCM employees objects included as default with SAP R/3 project templates.

    In our test server lab, I can only see 2 project templates (Base administration) and (CUA Subsystem).

    I don't see any other templates.

    How can…

  • [1777080] The property (ENV) does not exist in schema type (<Table_Name>(<Table_Name>))!

    We have deployed a sync project package in production. On updating the target database schema in Synchronization editor, we got the mentioned error.

    ENV column doesn't exists in the production database but it exists in the environment (UAT) from  wh…

  • SAP R / 3 Sync project setup fails --> NOT_AUTHORIZED


    We are currently preparing to go live with version 8.0.3.
    We test all interfaces and in the case of the sync project for SAP R / 3 we came across a new error that has not yet occurred.

    When setting up the SAP Sync project, we use the same service…

  • Sync Editor - Error creating a Sync Project for Exchange 2016

    Hello everybody,
    we use version 8.0.3. We are currently preparing for the CutOver.

    As part of this testing of the last implementation of all the necessary steps, no sync project for Exchange 2016 can currently be created. We get the following error message…

  • How to Synchronize Active Directory and Azure with 4 different domains of Active Directory and AzureAD to OneIM out of them 1 AD and 1 Azure tenant is already connected to oneIM.


    I have a requirement to manage multiple domains of AzureAD and Active Directory from One IM.

    I feel this is a normal Use-case and I feel product support this.

    Need help in understanding below:

    • I have to synchronize only few limited User Account object…
  • Synchronization template for SCIM not available


    We are setting up a Synchronization porject in order to connect to a SCIM Interface, we are followinf the guide at :


  • ADHoc Projection for Person to target


    Can anyone tell me where I can get an example of a process orchestration for ADHoc Projection from Person to a target system?

    I create a sync project to a sql table and that is working fine for the start up configurations.

    I need to now create…