• Synchronisation Project CSV: Unexpected behaviour when adding N:M relationships vom MVP field.


    We are currently in the process of implementing a CSV import for ESets + ESetHasEntitlement. The fun part is, that this is all handled in a single CSV where all the fields we require for ESets are present, as well as pipe-seperated columns with…

  • Facing issue while syncing data from UCI tables to CSM tables


    I am trying to integrate Salesforce with Identity Manager using SCIM Connector. We are using 8.2 version. I created 2 sync projects:

    1. using SCIM Connector 

    2. using UCI connector to load data in CSM Tables

    While running the initial sync for SCIM…

  • Synch project mapping rule not applied.

    I've a sync project (PowerShell) that uses a virtual attribute to transfer membership data, however when I change data in OneIM the synch engine doesn't trigger an update to the target system. I can see that the member mapping rule (membersOut) is identified…

  • Salesforce Integration using SCIM Connector

    Hi, I am trying to integrate Salesforce using SCIM Connector. The OneIM version is 8.2 and the salesforce version is 'Winter '23 Patch 6.3'. While providing the endpoint URI for getting schema, Resources and supported service options, I am adding following…

  • SAPHR Synchronization Editor LOG Error [810235] Could not delete object from Person because there are still objects assigned


    Currently we are using version 8.1.3.

    Once in a while the client team review the log of the synchronization  project "SAPHR" (CSV File import).

    The log contains a few error messages regarding Synchronization step "Person".


  • How to read varibale from synch project variable set

    Hello group!!

    I have a Script property created in a Synch project mapping, and in the write script section of this propertie, I need the value of a variable defined in the Synch project variable set.

    I have tried to access the variable like this -> $MyVariable…

  • Empty attribute on the target system then customize the attribute on One Identity

    I made a connector for a CSV file to manage internal users from HR. I did the mapping for some attributes like first name, last name, email etc.
    How can I set a customized email (ex. FirstName.LastName@email.com) if the email attribute on the csv…

  • Error with Synchronization Project

    I have been using the One Identity Manager connector to set up a Synchronisation project with OIM version 8.2. When I simulate or try to run the synchronization I get an error message

    Error running synchronization project (Test OIM DB Project)'s workflow…

  • The time zone ID 'W. Europe Standard Time' was not found on the local computer.

    Hi All,

    I have connected SAP Successfactor using starling connector and when I execute sysnchronization project I get below error message.

    Does anyone has an idea what could be the problema and how this can be resolved.

    [1777124] Error running synchronization…

  • AD sync failing with parameter exception error.

    Hi Team,

    AD sync is continuously failing with error,

    ErrorMessages (2022-05-12 11:56:52.830) [2134003] Error executing synchronization.
    [1777018] Error executing synchronization project (Active Directory Domain (DC=***,DC=INT))'s workflow (Active Directory…

  • Is it possible skip LDAP schema verification?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to connect 1IM to a legacy Oracle Unified Directory server

    the project creation wizard complains about a few errors in the ldap schema provided by the server

    I tried using the new "LDAP Connector (Version 2)" which allows…

  • ServiceNow with Starling Connect - Failure in Initial Synchronization

    Hi Experts

    We hit an issue in running the synchronization project with the Starling Connect and ServiceNow. The User and Group data is well synchronized. However it returned error when performing Phase #2 in the Groups which is about synchronizing user…

  • SCIM connector to OpenText

    Hello, I am trying to establish a connection using SCIM connector in version 8.1.2 to OopenText that supports SCIM 2.0. However I am getting an error when I click on testing connection, I've setup logging to Trace level and this is an error: "System.MissingMethodException…

  • Banner sync is taking a lot of time to execute. How to reduce the time of execution of the sync?


    I have configured a Banner view sync in one identity manager v.8.1.4. The target is a view from Oracle Database and we are updating/inserting the records into Person table in One identity manager. 

    We also have the revision set and the workflow in…


    Мы используем V8.2 для подключения к SAP R/3. При тестировании соединителя мы получили эту ошибку
    [SAP.Middleware.Connector.RfcAbapException] OPTION_NOT_VALID

    Компоненты .NET SAP установлены.

  • Which filter is more suitable?

    We received a hint from our colleagues, who administrate the Active Directory, that we can exclude user objects, which have the value 2048 in the attribute userAccountControl.

    We have done first tests with our own schema class - in our opinion this worked…

  • DSI_UNSAccountB_Delete process not triggered after execution of account deletion

    Hello all, 

    Here is the context of this issue : 

    - we created a new synchronization project (Native Database Connector - SQL Server) to manage user account deletion on a target system (SQL DB). User accounts are synchronized in UNSAccountB table and we…

  • Questions about messages from the SAP Synchronization Log


    we are still using version 8.0.5

    During a review of the logs of the synchronization with SAP R/3 we noticed strange messages

    #1 SAPTitle
    we have no influence on the Titles in SAP and can't make sense of this message yet

    [810391] Error flushing…

  • Consistency check Error in SCIM Synchronisation.

    Hi All,

    I am getting consistency check message in SCIM synchronization project. I am seeing such mesage in synchronization first time and don't know how to resolve.

    How can I check and resolve this error mesage.

    Do I need to run consistency check…

  • Adding Custom Target Systems

    Hello everyone,

    After connecting with lot's of custom target systems, I started to have problems with the UNSAccountB table, I had to extend the table for each target system...

    I was trying to create a table for each custom target system, like ADS…

  • ADSDOMAIN: The following fields are compulsory and need to be filled: Forest

    Hello Dears,

    I am integrating Active Directory with One identity Manager.

    When I create a synchronization project through synchronization editor I am facing the following error

    "ADSDomain: The following fields are compulsory and need to be filled: Forest…

  • object reference not set to an instance of object

    Hi Dears,

    I have one identity manager 8.1.4 installed.

    When I am trying to synchronize active directory with One identity Manager,

    I am getting this error  " object reference not set to an instance of object ".

    Can you suggest to me the solutions…

  • workday sync failed

    Hello Mates,

    My work day sync has below error while trying to update mail address from person to workday.

    ErrorMessages (2021-08-23 12:39:13.723) [1777018] Error executing synchronization project (Workday)'s workflow (Provisioning).

    [1777124] Error…

  • DLL verification

    Hello Experts,

    How can we find the list of DLL's in our server service folder for a particular sync project?

    For example , if I want to know all the DLL's for AD sync project ,How can I find it? Does the DLL have any naming convention?


  • How to read event (insert/update/delete) in script property (sync editor)

    Hi all,

    I am syncing data in Application table which has the mandatory column "Version". I want to insert 1 on the insert event and want to increment that number with each update. How do I read the event in the script property in sync editor?…