• ITShopCart - check for duplicates for QERReuse and QERReuseUS


    when ordering standard products (roles, groups etc), there's customizer check if there are duplicates in shopping cart. For obvious reasons it doesn't check for duplicates when ordering Multirequest resources. Is there any way to enforce duplicate…

  • How to use Database View to load data from Database into the local collections in Web Designer

    I have created a view in Database and I am trying to load the content of the view into the Local collection in the Webdesigner just like how we fetch contents of Database table into Local collection using Database Object component type. I tried using…

  • Login error: "You are not authorized to use this database" when logging to Web Portal through Web Designer

    Hello everyone,

    We are using OneIM 9.1. We are getting an odd error while we are trying to login to web portal by Web Designer. We can login to Web Portal through browseres but we cannot login to Web Portal through Web Designer. Error: "You are not authorized…

  • How to create custom collection?


    When I try to create a custom Collection I receive the following error:

    "Object not set to an instance of an object"

    I need the custom collection to link it to an Autocomplete Textbox.

    How do I create a collection?

    I haven't found any guide…

  • Add Autocomplete Textbox on web portal


    We try to add an Autocomplete Textbox on the web portal through the Web Designer.

    We want to add this textbox in the organizationl data - Field to add a new parameter when a new user is created.

    How can I link a custom table with all the value that…

  • How to set a field as fillable but not editable in the web portal

    I would like some help on: how to set a field as fillable but not editable in the web portal, in the user registration form.


  • Where is VI_Attestation_EditCases_Default module referenced in VI_Attestation?

    Good morning,

    We found that within the VI_Attestation module (in the screenshot), the highlighted part is contained in the "VI_Attestation_EditCases_Default" module, so somehow VI_Attestation_EditCases_Default is referenced in VI_Attestation but we don…

  • How to generate a process when clicking on a button in Web Designer?

    Hi there,

    I have a button in the Web Designer and I would like to generate a process when clicking on it. What I would like to do, in particular, is to set some parameters of the process. Otherwise, it would be okay to populate the PC variable.

    I know…

  • Change popup title for SOD rule violation

    Hello All, 

    I am using 8.2 version of one identity manager. 

    I am trying to change the title of popup that appears on sod rule violation. 

    I was able to change the popup content but, didn’t find from where I would change popup title. I tried to use ‘Find and…

  • Check if logged in user has an AERole

    Hi All

    How can I check in the Web Designer in the "Condition" property of a case node inside a switch block if the currently logged in user has a specific AERole?

    Thank you in advance.

  • How to re-order the tiles in the Web Portal HomePage?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using One Identity Manager 8.2 with Web Designer Web Portal.

    I would like to re-order the tiles in the Web Portal Homepage:

    But from the Web Designer, I can't click on "Move Up" and "Move Down".

    How can I…

  • Make a custom columns view automatically selected in WebPortal

    Hi everyone,

    Is there a way to automatically select a saved custom view at page load in One Identity 8.1.5?

    Basically, I would like to select this

    without have to do it every time.


  • Download a file in Web Portal from FTP server

    Hi everyone,

    I need to download a file from an FTP server via the Web Portal (by clicking a button).
    I'm trying to use Code Snippet node in Web Designer.
    I tried downloading files using a System.Net.WebClient (C#) but the file download doesn't start…
  • How to add a comment under a label in the "Add new Identity" page?

    I would like to add a custom comment under the label "Default email address" in the "Add new identity" web page. How can I do it?

    I've attached a screenshot of where I would like to add the comment.

  • How can I change the login page error message?

    I need to change the error message on the login page, but I looked in the VI_Common_Login Web Designer component and I didn't find any message that I could change, I just found container5 - Error/message that just change the message display style to a…

  • How to Create a Mask for SNN or National Identity Card ?

    Hello, I have a situation to register users on the portal, in "include a new employee", in a certain field we have the option "CPF", which would be a national identification document of a citizen, equivalent to the SNN or Carteira Nacional de American…

  • Add custom error message in the web interface

    Hello everyone,

    (OI Manager v.8.1)

    Under certain circumstances we are getting following error message in the web interface (Detail of the request, in the 'Information' tab):

    "An error occurred while processing your request. Check the application…

  • Web Portal Error after upgrade to v9.1. Can't login with identity's language being set (UID_DialogCulture not empty)

    Hi all,

    After re-installing version 9.1 web app (portal/IT shop), I noticed strange behavior when logging into a web portal. When logging in as identity (authentication is set to Employee role based) who has UID_DialogLanguage set to any language (tested…
  • Web Portal - Creation of a form with 2 insert in 2 different tables

    in OneIdentity 9.1 I have customized the Web Portal through WebDesigner tool creating a custom form to make an insert in a single table.
    Is there a way to create a form with fields from 2 different tables?

    Basically I have to compile a form and do insert…

  • How can I filter the values ​​from a drop-down menu of a custom field?

    Hello everybody.

    I've created a custom field in the Person that shows a drop-down menu.

    The table of the custom field has a column with the uidDepartment reported.


    custom table:

    column1                                 column2

    customValue1                       uid_department1

    customValue2                       u…

  • User creation in web designer

    I am facing for the first time the Web Designer Tool. I need to configure the system so that only external users can be created from the Web Portal.
    I made the field IsExternal read-only in the VI_Edit_Employee, but the field isExternal isn't flagged…

  • Issue with unsubscribe request in IT Shop

    Hi everyone,

    we are having troubles with the unsubscribe request for an item assigned to an user that is not a subordinate.

    We are using One Identity version 8.2, the user we are using to do the request from Web portal has the employee administrator application…

  • Create external/internal new identity form and filtering employee type

    Hi community,

    My customer requiers to separate the internal/external new user forms which i managed to do (CCC_Employee_Edit refering to CCC_Employee_MasterData_Attributes)

    Now i need to display only the internal fields in the employeeType drop-down list…

  • Content Slider appearance issue in Identity Manager 8.1.5

    Hi all,

    I am using Content Slider component for showing products in a row on new request page. After migration to version 8.1.5 the slider works incorrect. It always hides and fades few last items as on the picture below.

    Before migration we used version…

  • Cannot load all data from the collection (personwantsorg)


    I want to load a collection (PersonWantsOrg) in Web Portal. I have put loading collection in Initializer part. The collection is loaded successfully but the collection shows just data of user who entered the web portal. There is no any condition…