• [Regarding TSBAccountDefinition deprovisioning & Ex0Mailbox-XMarkedForDeletion]

    Dear One Identity Community,

    [Regarding TSBAccountDefinition deprovisioning & Ex0Mailbox]

    When removing the TSBAccountDefinition of a mailbox – I would like to verify if it is plausible that an entry in Ex0MailUserAcceptRCPT can be made using the…

  • Delete PersonInOrg Object (all Direct assignments) via Script ?


    I am using Version 8.1 and trying to delete the assignments from PersonInOrg table via a Script.

    I have written below script to test the method calls.

    Already tried

    • Running from designer (test script option).
    • Also, tried putting script in a process…
  • Not Able to delete Outstanding Object from AADUser because of O3EmailUser table object reference IM 8.0.2

    I have created a Process which calls method 'DeleteOutstanding'   for some selected objects of AADuser table which are having Xmarkedfordeletion=2 (Outstanding).

    These objects also have a reference in O3EmailUser table. Not sure why but system throws…

  • unable to push the Mailbox marked for deletion.

    Hi Team,

    I am unable to push the Mailbox marked for deletion from Manager(target system sync Exchnage)

    when trying to push getting below error

    error message:

    Error generating processes for event Update.
    Error executing script 'Event_Update'.

  • Persons marked as outstanding still have their account definitions and resources assign through dynamic rolesmark


    I have an employee that have three account definitions assigned and one resource assigned through dynamic roles. But when the person is marked as outstanding the definitions and resources are still there (they're present in PersonHasTSBDefinition…

  • How to delete an entrance from table PersonInOrg (through DB)?

    Hi everyone,

    I want to create a process which triggers when a user gets deactivate.

    This process has two parts:

      1. It unsubscribes already all "assigned" requests -> DONE

      2. I want to delete all existing entrances in the table PersonInOrg…

  • ADSAccountInADSGroup inconsistency

    Hi All

    We know some ADAccounts are not in some ADSGroups but anyway the flag xmarkedfordeletion is =0.

    Groups are inherited from business roles and XOrigin attributes shows that (2, or 3 depends on case, inherited anyway).

    We've launched many times initial…