• Mapping UID_ParentDepartment

    Hi all,

    We have create a department (named 'dep') in Department table, and we want to reconciliate some objects from a Oracle DB and put them under ower 'dep' department.

    In the mapping of the connector, we have create a 'Fixed value'…

  • Does Key Resolution by reference work with XObjectKey?


    We are planning to provide an application with information from the One-IM database.
    Here we have created a custom table - including with a column CCC_DepartmentX, which contains the XObjectKey of the department. 

    Since it is an MSSQL database, we…

  • Getting Last Login from SAP HCM system (usr02_trdat)

    Hi fellow experts,

    Is there a way to get the last login details for Employee from SAP HCM synchronization project into One IM?

    I spoke to the SAP Admin and they mentioned that the last login information is available in  "usr02_trdat" attribute. However…

  • Understand the default DN syntax the SAP Connector uses for Person


    Trust you are safe and healthy.

    The variable "vrtdistinguishedName" in the mapping "Employee" from the SAP Connector using the HCM employees objects template, generates a default value like "CN=<EmployeeID>,OU=000,OU=…

  • How do i add a custom field and map it to HR Feed?

    Hello Experts,

    So i have a need to add a field to identify employees that are considered "REMOTE".  Currently we don't have a way to identify them.  We receive a field in our HR feed that identifies them as 1=Yes, 0=No for remote user.  This…

  • Virtual mapping attribute (object reference) not provisioned in AdHoc


    for ADS synchronization, I have created a custom virtual attribute of type 'object reference'. This attribute contains the short name of the account owner's department (UID_Person.UID_Department.ShortName). The field 'Department' is used for…

  • Sync Editor: Property Join delimited by a single space

    When attempting to create a Property Join in the mappings of a sync project I'm trying to use a single space as the delimiter, so far with no success. Can this be achieved? Or do I need to create a Script Property?