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Notify HelpDesk Tech that user has called and failed to answer security questions.

Hi All,


Is it possible to have a check box added on the HelpDesk site for the HelpDesk technicians that will alert other technicians when looking at a user's information that the user has failed to answer their security questions correctly and their manager needs to call in and verify their identity with the user on the phone? This will prevent the user from calling in once and failing to answers their questions correctly, and then hanging up and calling again, and again, until they guess the correct answer. 

  • (my guess)
    HelpDesk may disable User Profile:
    (a) maybe there is OOB option in WI (?);
    (b) custom script (probably possible);
    (c) add user to AD\PM.Deny group (to block user for sure) and remove from the group when issue is resolved.
    in parallel, HelpDesk may open Support Ticket (outside of Password Manager) with appropriate email notification. Assume Ticketing System is official audit trail for security accidents according Corp policy.