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Add IP Address to reports


For the user actions Report would it be possible to add a column with the ipaddress of the user's machine form which the action was performed?




  • Hi Rob,

    Password Manager does not collect any data on the device that a user uses to perform an activity. Therefore in its present form, the reports cannot be configured to include information on ip addresses.
    If this is something that is important to you or your organisation then I would suggest that you open a service request through the support portal and request this as a product enhancement. As with all enhancement requests this will then be reviewed by our product manager for possible inclusion in a future release of the product.


    Jim C.
  • Hi,

    I believe I was able to add the IPAddress of the client to the PM reports as follows:

    - copying and modifying the OOTB PM database view called 'vw_report_Actions' to include the IPAddress which is logged in the Data tables in the xml entries.  We retrieve in addition this atribute in the view:   t.n.value('Principal[1]/IPAddress[1]', 'nvarchar(max)') as [PrincipalIPAddress].

    <Record xmlns:i=""><Instance></Instance><Operation>Captcha</Operation><OperationName>Enter CAPTCHA</OperationName><Principal><DisplayName>Hunter Patrick</DisplayName><Domain></Domain><Id>PATRICK.HUNTER</Id><IPAddress></IPAddress>

    <Role>User</Role></Principal><Time>2015-11-24T17:44:01.8880721Z</Time><RequestID>5ed74919-dfe3-4742-94fc-1e9fc0d25a12</RequestID><Result>Success</Result><ResultName>Execution successful</ResultName><User><DisplayName>Hunter Patrick</DisplayName><Domain></Domain><Id>PATRICK.HUNTER</Id></User></Record>

    - copying and modifying the OOTB User Actions report so that it's DataSet references the new view and IPAddress attribute

    - adding this newly available attribute to the report layout



  • Hey Robert,
    that is exactly what i am looking for. But i am not a sql specialist. Could you please explain it step by step how to to that?
    That would be perfect!
    Thank you so much in advanced.
  • OK, i got it.
    Do you know if it is possible to to the same for the logged on user on the machine with that ip address?