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Realm instances not seeing each other

I'm working on a migration from 5.6.x to 5.7.1.

We have two servers that we want to sync up.  The secondary instance is able to see the Primary instance, at least in the General settings tab, however the Primary is unable to see the secondary.  We have verified firewall settings and the ports used in the realm initialization settings.  We can also determine two way communication on the port configured.

Is there additional configurations necessary to get the instances to sync with each other outside of the general settings options?

  • Please make sure the file is listing the correct server role for each instance, one should be primary and the other should be secondary.

    1) Open the on Notepad and locate the word "Secondary" or "Primary" C:\ProgramData\One Identity\Password Manager
    setting name="role" value="Secondary"
    Change the "Secondary" to "Primary" or visa versa
    2) Save the file.
    3) Restart the Password manager service.

    You may have to perform another export/import from other to the other to start replication.
  • Thank you, but I'm having a difficult time finding the file you are referring to, can you point me to the location please?
  • C:\ProgramData\One Identity\Password Manager

    Please note that Programedata directory if a hidden directory therefore you need to show hidden files in the widow view or directly enter in the path.