Secure password extension

Hi experts,

Password Manager

We are currently NOT using the Q&A profile to authenticate users, so none of our Password Manager users are "Registered".

We are facing an issue when using the SPE plugin. When a user clicks on the forgot password link on windows logon screen, he gets the following error in Spanish: “No se ha podido entrar en contacto con el servidor”. In English would be something like: “Could not contact the server”.

We have activated the SPE logs on one of the workstations and we have seen the following error:

PID = 3888, TID = 3136, date: 30.05.2018, time: {11:01:42:966} (UTC +2:0): Call InternetCheckConnection( https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX/PMUser/EntryPoint/?ActionName=Register&IdentificationDomain=%67%74%65%73%74%2e%6c%6f%63%61%6c&IdentificationAccount=&DCName=%64%63%31%67%74%65%73%74%2e%67%74%65%73%74%2e%6c%6f%63%61%6c&AcceptLanguage=es-es&CurrentLanguage.. ) : GetLastError() = 12007

We believe that since the user is not registered in password manager, the link that tries to open goes to the Q&A workflow, but it is disabled.

So we have two questions:

  1. How can we make the link go to our reset password workflow? (how do we edit the “ActionName=Register” part )
  2. Why is “&IdentificationAccount=” empty? Shouldn’t it have the user name?

Thank you a lot.