• Secure Password Extension Login Screen

    After installing the SPE on a Windows 10 machine, I cannot find the key button that shows the SelfService URL and the Offline Password Reset links until I switch to another user.

    However, it shows when I lock the screen in Windows Server.

    Is there anything…

  • Changing logon screen Secure Password Extension text?


    How can we change the text on the logon screen which comes with Secure Password Extension? 



  • Check the installation of SPE and PPM


    Someone can tell me how to verify the deployment/installation of SPE and PPM components ?

    I would like to check this via a registry key, but no registry key is created during the installation...

    Thanks in advance.

  • SPE Errors when VPN is disconnected.

    Hello all,

    We have a VPN for users to connect to in order to access most of the systems they need for their work, which is installed and recomended on all of our clients. They must log in via the VPN in most cases.

    Today, our SPE has started giving the…

  • How to reduce LDAP Traffic after installing the Secure Password Extension (SPE)

    After installing the SPE (Secure Password Extension), customers may see increased network traffic.

    This is due to the design of SPE in which it contacts AD and the Password Manager server to check for notifications to present to the end user.

    Please see…

  • Secure Password Extension Description on Windows 10 Login Page

    Hi All, 

    I just installed the SPE on my window 10 client PC. When I click Sign-in Option, it will show description and ask me to click "Open the Password Self-Service Site".  

    Can I modify the words in description or delete it. Also, can I modify…

  • Secure password extension

    Hi experts,

    Password Manager

    We are currently NOT using the Q&A profile to authenticate users, so none of our Password Manager users are "Registered".

    We are facing an issue when using the SPE plugin. When a user clicks on the…

  • Secure Password Extension Splash Screen / Custom URL


    We have the requirement to put a splash screen (with user guidance) before the self-service portal is loaded, and have this screen load when a user clicks the forgotten password link in the Secure Password Extension.

    I've tried updating the "Specify…

  • Secure password extension in multiple domains

    Hello all,

    Let's say that i have domain01, child domain02, child domain03. My Password manager server is in domain02 and i have users that i want to manage in all domains. Workstations belong to domain03.

    What should i do in a situation like that…