• HTML Custom text line 5.13


    We are trying to move to version 5.13 from 5.11 and the old PMUser self service page. In the old PMUser page we have a custom activity to direct a person if they are in a certain situation.

    We are seeing that 5.13 is no longer able to consume HTML…

  • Automatically advance workflow step based on value in custom activity

    I have a workflow with several custom activities. The first step presents the user with radio buttons so they can select certain options.  Once they click 'next', depending on what option they selected, I would like them to automatically advance that second…

  • Custom activity - Send the user to the "logging" page.

    Hello everyone,


    I'm new with Password Manager, custom activities and scripts.

    I want to do a script to cancel the access of the disabled users at the beginning of the workflow and, at the same time, send them to the first page, where they will have…

  • Custom activity - Change AD and AS400 password together

    Hello all,

    I'm new to the Password Manager software so bare with me a little. I am attempting to configure a custom activity that will change change a users Active Directory and AS400 passwords at the same time. I have an existing PowerShell script that…

  • Custom e-mail with powershell


    Is there a way to access a variable from the PowerShell script in a custom email with shared settings?

    Thank you,


  • Password Manager Passcode Generation

    I'm wondering if there is a way to automate the temporary passcode generation to email when a user is added into active directory? My thinking behind this is when a user is setup in AD, we list their email address always. Once that user has been created…

  • The remote name could not be resolved

    Hi experts,

    One of our custom activities inside Password Manager (OIPM version: needs to make a POST to a third party API.

    We are including the code in the powershell script part of the custom activity but we are getting the following error…

  • Howto implement reCaptcha v2

    Hi experts,

    I have realized that implementing the recaptcha functionality is not so straight forward.

    I am guessing that just adding the activity “Display reCAPTCHA” is not enough. That I need to make a POST to google with the g-recaptcha-response (html…

  • Powershell Custom Activity Write into AD


    I am looking to create a custom activity that can allow user to update certain custom attributes in Active Directory.

    Inside the SDK documentation, I have noticed a UserAccountInfo class and AttributeInfo class.

    Please enlighten me on how can I…

  • Convert to custom activity empty?

    Hey people,

    When i try to convert an action or an authentication to a custom activity, the powershell script of the new custom activity contains only a skeleton the method.. is it normal? I would expect the code related to the chosen object.



  • CustomSMS activity - gateway settings

    I am testing the CustomSMS SDK for Password Manager. I need the email to go to telephone@domain.com. Currently, the activity will email the user's email address a code. Is there any way to pass their selected telephone@domain.com?

    Here is the PowerShell…