• Home or Remote Users

    users who work from home, have their computer assigned by the company (joined to the company), if they are in the local network, they can initiate the Secure Password and change their password or unlock themselves by failed attempts.

    But when they are…

  • how to change the password manager URLs to new domain?

    Our client company has split up and as part of the divestiture, we need to re-brand our password manager self-service URLs to reflect the new domain of or client.

    Old domain name: xx.abc.com

    New domain name: xx.abc12.com

    How to perform this changes?

  • LDAP Over SSL with my Password manager 5.8.0

    I tried to enable the LDAP Over SSL with my Password manager 5.8.0, but I got an error "Policy Manager error: 0x8007203A" home can I do to fix it? please

  • Password Manager Passcode Generation

    I'm wondering if there is a way to automate the temporary passcode generation to email when a user is added into active directory? My thinking behind this is when a user is setup in AD, we list their email address always. Once that user has been created…

  • How modify insert parameter for text


    I want to modify parameters for insert to text.

    How can I change it?

    Thank You

  • Severals questions about Password Policy rules


    I have couple of questions regarding what can be done or not in the Policy rules configuration,

    1- How can I prevent a user to not choose a password that match the last x used passwords

    2- Is there a way to block some key word like company or division…

  • How to hash mobile number in CustomSMS Activity?


    I am currently able to use CustomSMS activity to generate OTP and forward it to sms gateway using below script.  But this script displays mobile number in full in the Password Manager User Self Service portal under Generate OTP option e.g. …

  • Help us help you - How to get the most out of this forum

    The better a problem is described, the better the assistance tends to be. 
    (*Note: Please refrain from including private data in your posts)

    Consider and include the following information in your initial post:

    • Product, Version, and relevant environment…