• HelpDesk question auto populated


    I'm trying to get one of the helpdesk question auto populated with a value from AD.

    Is there a way to do this?

    I tested the following https://support.oneidentity.com/password-manager/kb/128944/cmdlet-to-perform-bulk-creation-of-questions-and…

  • ManuallyForcedToUpdateQAProfile


    Can someone tell me how to use this in a PowerShell Custom workflow?

    I have all i need to send a random passcode from the SDK example although I don't know how to force them in this workflow to update Q&A profile.

    Here is my code all works…

  • Enforce Update of Q&A Profile for all users


    Is there any possibility to Enforce Update of Q&A Profile for all users after questions change?

    I would like that all users will be informed like on the screen below: