• Starling Phone Verification Attribute

    Is it possible to change the attribute for the phone verification with starling integration from the default of Mobile Phone Number?

    The customer has this attribute exposed in the GAL and would like to change the phone number to an extension attribute…

  • Password Manager Self-Service Site throws the error "The password is incorrect. Please try again." for a known, good password

    This is happening from quite few days only on our ADLDS instance, when we try to manage profile or authenticate through  AD LDS the PWM site throws the error  "The password is incorrect. Please try again.". The password is correct & every user is getting…

  • How to reduce LDAP Traffic after installing the Secure Password Extension (SPE)

    After installing the SPE (Secure Password Extension), customers may see increased network traffic.

    This is due to the design of SPE in which it contacts AD and the Password Manager server to check for notifications to present to the end user.

    Please see…

  • One Identity Support Product Public RSS Feeds

    We have recently made several improvements to our product RSS feeds. They are now updating in real time so that you can immediately see any new content posted for the product you have an interest in.

    From our Support portal, when viewing a product, you…

  • Users not automatically being added to Starling 2FA during registration

    Hello, I am working on building out our workflows for Password Manager, and in initial testing, corporate registration for use with Starling 2FA was working perfectly - a user would register through PMUser and automatically be joined to Starling 2FA with…

  • Password Manager 5.9.3 is now available

    Password Manager 5.9.3 is available here:


    What’s New:

    - Support for Location sensitive authentication

    - Support to unregister users from Password Manager service

    - Support for Power BI analytical…

  • Password Manager- Reminder Email to non-register user only

    I have invited user once through invitation email option to all non register user.

    Now if I am doing reminder through reminder option to send email to all non register users only , unfortunately, email going to all who has not received invitation mail…

  • Secure Password Extension Description on Windows 10 Login Page

    Hi All, 

    I just installed the SPE on my window 10 client PC. When I click Sign-in Option, it will show description and ask me to click "Open the Password Self-Service Site".  

    Can I modify the words in description or delete it. Also, can I modify…

  • trial license


    I deployed SPP trial that i had downloaded from your website, but it didn't work without license. how i can get the trial license? 

  • Custom activity - Send the user to the "logging" page.

    Hello everyone,


    I'm new with Password Manager, custom activities and scripts.

    I want to do a script to cancel the access of the disabled users at the beginning of the workflow and, at the same time, send them to the first page, where they will have…

  • Is authentication method workflow step mandatory for resetting password workflow?


    I am using password manager 5.8.2.

    I have a requirement that a helpdesk user can reset password for employee without any authentication.

    I have some employee who does not need to create a QA profile. If those employees call to the help desk for reset…

  • Custom activity - Change AD and AS400 password together

    Hello all,

    I'm new to the Password Manager software so bare with me a little. I am attempting to configure a custom activity that will change change a users Active Directory and AS400 passwords at the same time. I have an existing PowerShell script that…

  • Tansport Layer Cipher


    We want to update the cipher suite (SSL Cipher Suite Order) on a windows server that is currently hosting QPM Self-service site and the QPM Service (5.5.2). We know that the version has reached end-of-life, and are in the process of updating.

    I know…

  • Custom e-mail with powershell


    Is there a way to access a variable from the PowerShell script in a custom email with shared settings?

    Thank you,


  • Error in Password Manager


    I have installed password manger 5.8.2 on windows server 2012,

    1. NET Framework 4.6.2

    2. Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64) 

    when i am opening in Browser Applicaion Errro is occured.

    See the windows log


  • Invitation emails do not include link to password manager

    I have edited the template under user enforcement rules but the daily emails still do not include the link to the website.  Am I missing something?

  • Getting error message "All tasks are disabled now. To enable required tasks, contact the helpdesk"

    Error Message: "All tasks are disabled now. To enable required tasks, contact the helpdesk." (202697)

    Hi Experts,

    We are getting above error message while trying to enter into Q&A profile in password manager portal.

  • Custom Webservice: Using own CSS

    How we can use an own, external hosted CSS for custom webservice in PM?

  • How to use Azure MFA as 2FA

    How can we use Azure MFA for 2-Factor-Authentication directly from the Azure Cloud without using an Azure MFA Server onprem?

  • Password Manager 5.8.0 public hotfix - multiple fixes

    The following hotfix for Password Manager 5.8.0 is now available:


  • Password Manager 5.8 public hotfix for Replication issues

    The following public hotfix is now available on the Support portal:


    This hotfix address Replication issues with Password Manager 5…

  • Does Password Manager support Hybrid Joins to Starling Services?

    Yes, starting with Password Manager 5.8, we added support for Hybrid Joins to Starling Services.

    Please see the following article for the latest information on what products and minimum versions are required to take advantage of the Starling Services Hybrid…

  • Password Manager 5.8 public hotfix now LIVE on the Support portal

    This hotfix addresses an issue where emails for password expiration notifications are not being sent.

    Please review the following KB for full details and the download link: