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Watch the Safeguard for Administrators Video Series

Get an introduction to basic product concepts by watching the "One Identity Safeguard for Administrators" video series on our YouTube channel.

Link to Playlist:

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Video topics covered in these videos:

- Overview and Unboxing
- Initial Setup
- Creating Users
- Connect a Directory
- Creating Assets
- Creating Accounts
- Account Entitlements
- Session Entitlements
- Configuring a Cluster
- Quarantine REcovery
- Create a Profile
- Partition Overview
- Upgrading / Patching
- Seesion Monitoring
- Command Detection
- Network Analysis / Support Bundle
- Troubleshooting Example
- Safeguard API
- App to App Integration
- Join One Identity Starling
- Dynamic Groups and Tags
- Custom Platform Support
- Join SPS
- Preview SPP and SPS
- Managed Networks