• Safeguard Decommissionig


    I was wondering, is there a standard procedure to decommissioning the physical device for SPS, SPP and Defender solutions?
    So, the complete secure erasing of data on the disks? Beyond restoring factory settings.


  • manage entitlements

    Hi All,

    I have many ldap groups and for each group there is an entitlement (2 access request policy: spp initiated & sps initiated) different target. 

    It is possible to duplicate entitlements with its access request policy?

    after duplication of that…

  • VNC connection through SPS it not working


    I am trying to connect RealVNC through VNC connection of SPS.

    I setting proxy IP of SPS in RealVNC but it is not working giving error 

    Unable to connect via (IP SPS :9500) : Timed out waiting for a
    response from the computer

    did any one receive this issue…

  • Safeguard SPP : Fail To check SSH Key.


    Could you help me please understand what happen when i try to check SSH key in Safeguard SPP as i always get an error message saying this :

    "SSH Server on asset Oracle Linux is configured to run the authorized key command none as account 0…

  • Private Key ssh connection error

    • A new user has been generated and the ssh keys have been created for that user with the ssh-keygen tool.
    • I have created an asset of a Linux Ubuntu machine.
    • When I put the previously created user and import the private key as authentication method I get…
  • can't change password for New discovered accounts


    kindly help for below error as change password and check password tasks couldn't be done successfully

    Queuing task.
    Starting task.
    Looking up user information for ***.
    Changing password for account ***.
    Unable to log in to the asset using service…

  • Safeguard to manage Identity Manager accounts

    We want to use Safeguard to manage One Identity Manager's system user accounts.

    What is the best way to acomplish that?

  • MSSQL connection through SPS it not working with Windows authentication


    I am trying to connect SQL management studio to a SQL server through MSSQL connection of SPS.

    The connection using the Windows authentication is not working giving error 

    No username specified
    A connection was successfully established with the server…

  • Can't complete SPP initial setup without OS licensing


    I need to setup test environment using trial version v 6.0 LTS, but initial setup can't complete.

    issue was in OS licensing,

    As it is test environment, I don't have OS key for it.

    So, How can i skip OS licensing? 

    please also define the OS…

  • Updating SPP from 2.9 to 2.11


    I'm having problems at one of our customers with updating SPP to 2.11 version. Everytime I get the error in the pictures.

    Is there anything I can do besides a clean install? If so, is there an option to export-import settings?

    Image ( )


  • One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords 6.0 LTS is now live on the Support Portal!

    One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords 6.0 LTS is now live on the Support Portal!

    The versioning of the product has changed to align with the same versioning system used by One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions. Release 6.0 LTS is the…

  • Spp esx


    I am trying to deploy spp 2.11 to vmware esx 6.5u3 

    After i start the virtual machine, it stuck at diagnosing windows. 

    Any idea 

  • Safeguard SPS - Access archived sessions


    Hope you all are safe.

    I have an inquiry about play archived recorded videos through SPS search panel.

    I just found the archived sessions logs, and couldn't play rendered videos or check analytical behavior.

    and kindly verify please in case of…

  • How to use WinSCP for file transfer from one identity safeguard client

    We are not able to setup WinSCP usage using SPP and SPS. While rasing request for unix account we geeting option for SSH and view password. How to set access workflow for WinSCP or any other third party client for file transfer

  • Best Practices for Privileged Account Creation


    Is any of the below approaches better and more secure than the other for RDP sessions?

    1) Configuring a personal privileged account for each administrator (ex: tom-admin), and adding the account to the assets local admin group. Then configuring a…

  • SPP: urls in email template


    please instruct how to format urls nicely in email templates in SPP (Settings > External integrations > Email > Email Templates) . Please also share what markup language is to be used and what are the formatting options.


  • Edit web interface

    Hi, I have two questions:

    1- Is it possible to edit the logo and add branding to the web interface? and how?

    2- Is it possible to remove local login option and only default to domain login? and how?

    We have the physical appliances

    Safeguard for Privileged…

  • SPS as RD Gateway


    We are planning to deploy OneIdentity SPS for session monitoring. We want to deploy it as a Remote Desktop Gateway in front of a windows server (Session Host) so that HTTP session will be recorded and replayed as video.

    I want to know if it will…

  • Web UI issues with RDP sessions


    We have Safeguard for Privileged Passwords, version 2.11 installed and we have two issues with the Web UI:

    -First issue:

    When a user requests a session and click on the play button to start the session it shows this message: 

    "Session launched.…

  • Configuring Tags (or Dynamic Groups) based on a Rule in Account Discovery Job or A Partition Profile

    Hello Experts,

    Is there a way to assign tags to the accounts which are discovered using a particular rule inside an Account Discovery Job. This job can have multiple rules but my requirement is just to Tag the ones which are being discovered using the…

  • Configuring No Password Change / Check for newly Discovered Accounts

    Hello experts,

    I have a question regarding the discovered account configurations in Safeguard. Below are the details of the use case we have and the options which I have thought about. Can someone please help me by pointing out the right approach?


  • Scanning Linux / Unix sudoer file using Safeguard

    Hello Everyone,

    Is there a way to scan the Linux sudoer file for privileged accounts? Does Safeguard provides an ability to do that? I was looking at ways we can do it, like writing a script to login to the machine and scanning the file, but is there…

  • Scanning The Assets in Safeguard for new Accounts

    Hello Team,

    I have recently started working with Safeguard so if this question sounds naive please don't mind :).

    We have a bunch of assets and accounts already in our Safeguard environment. Now we have a new requirement where some additional accounts…