• Safeguard Approve from Email

    Hello Experts,

    I am looking to have easy approval process for safeguard requests. Current flow I see has email notification and have to login to safeguard to approve, I'm looking to approve it directly from email if a button is possible or through mobile…

  • remote apps how they work? will it work for https web traffic?

    I couldn't find any clear documentation for Remote apps on how to configure or a use case. Will remote apps work for http/web traffic configuration ?

  • SafeGuard 7.0.2 LTS. Account password change issue

    After upgrading to 7.0.2 we are seeing issue for functional accounts password change. Requests are being stuck with error. this was a working environment with 7.0 base LTS until the latest upgrade has been applied. I've verified in Assets AD sync is successfully…

  • Issue with certificate with Custom connector


    we created a custom connector and we test the connection in Asset Management > Asset > "our_custom_connector" > Test connection, but we have a certificate error. (The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure).…


    Hello everyone.

    I have a small concern. Given the expansion of Nutanix in the virtualization market,

    does One Identity intend in the coming years to extend its solutions including Safeguard (SPP AND SPS) to support it as a hypervisor?

    I would be happy…

  • SPP permanent License and RDP session are not working

    I have a permanent SPP license but for a while my RDP sessions are not working and I also saw this in license section  :

    You have used all available offices for this license 

    • 0/0 Office,
    • 0/100 system,
    • ../.. users .

    What does this mean ? Can anyone help…

  • Recording HTTP/HTTPS URL's control

    Hello Experts,

    I am looking to add some URL's in Safeguard for control and record and would like to know is there anyway to achieve this? because I see only rdp and ssh/telnet options and not https in SPP. I have some Firewall that already are added through…

  • http access to SPP/SPS administration web


    Our customers has an old CA that signs everything with sha1. To avoid SSL certificate errors they asked if the access to the administration web can be done throw http instead of https.

    They have a reverse-proxy with a valid SSL certificate that can…

  • SPS AD login option


    I am trying to add an Active Directory as login option in SPS, the configuration is correct but when i test the connection the response is "Some paths were missing from the request body.".



  • Integration with VMware

    Dear Team,

    is it possible to integrate PAM Safeguard with VMs such as VMware  vSphere and Nutanix etc.

    so any new VM will be added automatically not manually ( without PAM Admin interaction ).

    Thanks in advance.

  • unable to connect to AIX server


    I have an issue with AIX server I have added it in our SPP and it was working just fine, however now when I test the connection or want to do discover accounts it shows the below error: 

    Please note that I am using SPP 6.13

    Also, the users can…

  • SPS connection is rejected by Windows Server.

    Dear Experts,

    I am facing a problem when connecting to a Windows server through SPP. Below is the error which I am receiving.

    “Remote Desktop Connection This computer can’t connect to the remote computer. Try connecting again. If the problem continues…

  • SPS as Gateway for Termius SSH connections

    Hello Experts,

    I've seen SPS can act as a gateway for connections coming from 3rd party client tools like termius etc. I've seen the SPS guide and did the configuration by creating a new connection (another IP) in SPS controls and added LDAP for integration…

  • SPS SSH Issue


    Anyone faced issue with SSH accessing Ubuntu ?

    We have ARP for SSH with User Supplied Credentials and it fails with incorrect password. we thought something related to network but when we bypass Safeguard and plug a laptop on that interface and…

  • RDP problem to Centos 7

    Hi there

    one of my client couldn't connect through RDP to CentOS server after upgrading SPS to 6.11.1

    and i got following logs:

    Static virtual channel count mismatch; client_to_server='6', server_to_client='5'
    Function failed; function…

  • Telnet lunch button

    Hi there

    I added telnet policy in SPS and it's joined to SPP, when i submit a request it doesn't show lunch button only token is available,

    and also after copying token  to Putty i should type username and password manually is there a way to fix…

  • Inquiry about SPS Active Directory Integration

    I want to use Active Directory as Authentication Backend for RDP RDGW.

    1. SPS is joined to the domain in Domain Membership.
    2. RDP Settings, I selected to Enable NLA and require domain membership.
    3. LDAP Server Policy is configured and selected in RDP Policy…
  • Safeguard SPS Azure Radius/NPS MFA

    Hi guys,

    I'm running SPS 6.9.3 and i've configured AA radius plugin to perform MFA against Azure Radius/NPS.

    Everything is working fine for both RDP and SSH sessions as long as 2FA is performed with OTP received by the user via SMS, when 2FA is…

  • File sharing using SSH session

    Dears ,, 

    our users logging to SPP and play their session to do their daily operation job, however some user ask for password to log in to their server for file sharing purposes. 

    So can the user using SPP to play a session for file sharing? So instead…

  • Safeguard Proxy Support for Oracle DB

    A prospect is selecting a PAM Solution between the leaders and have to manage several connections for their DB admin directly from their Oracle clients tool.

    They ask that the DBAs can create secure sessions directly from their desktop without the need…

  • Best practice to configure daily password change profile for accounts manage by Active Directory

    Dear Expert,

    Please share best practice to configure daily password change profile for accounts manage by Active Directory

    I could see after assigning a new password profile to a account, automated system try to change password right away every 5 minutes…

  • Time issue - Export CSV

    I have problem when use export csv .

    downloaded file's time column had time without addition time zone

    for example


    but correct is


    sps system time +( time zone (+5:30:00)) = correct tim…

  • Safeguard returns "the server returned an unrecognized error" when creating new entitlements, asset groups or partitions

    Hi Safeguard Experts,

    I am getting the error message "the server returned an unrecognized error" when typing a Name when creating new entitlements, asset groups or partitions in the production. Strange thing is I can create accounts, assets,…

  • Directory Provider Sync Failed alerts and Directory Asset Sync Failed alerts

    Stated getting Directory Provider Sync Failed and Directory Asset Sync Failed alerts continuosly after upgrading safeguard to 6.11 from 2.*, All settings looks good and tested domain controller connectivity successfully. Not sure whats causing all these…

  • Setup Safeguard 6.11 for RDP file transfer


    I tried searching the community about the same issue but seems that was from an pretty old version of Safeguard. I checked the RDP channel policy in SPS is enabled with "Clipboard" but the RDP session still does not allow copying files from local…