• manage entitlements

    Hi All,

    I have many ldap groups and for each group there is an entitlement (2 access request policy: spp initiated & sps initiated) different target. 

    It is possible to duplicate entitlements with its access request policy?

    after duplication of that…

  • Configuring Tags (or Dynamic Groups) based on a Rule in Account Discovery Job or A Partition Profile

    Hello Experts,

    Is there a way to assign tags to the accounts which are discovered using a particular rule inside an Account Discovery Job. This job can have multiple rules but my requirement is just to Tag the ones which are being discovered using the…

  • Configuring No Password Change / Check for newly Discovered Accounts

    Hello experts,

    I have a question regarding the discovered account configurations in Safeguard. Below are the details of the use case we have and the options which I have thought about. Can someone please help me by pointing out the right approach?