• Setup Safeguard 6.11 for RDP file transfer


    I tried searching the community about the same issue but seems that was from an pretty old version of Safeguard. I checked the RDP channel policy in SPS is enabled with "Clipboard" but the RDP session still does not allow copying files from local…

  • Web UI issues with RDP sessions


    We have Safeguard for Privileged Passwords, version 2.11 installed and we have two issues with the Web UI:

    -First issue:

    When a user requests a session and click on the play button to start the session it shows this message: 

    "Session launched.…

  • Remote Desktop background disabled on Server 2016

    Hi all,

    I want to get BGInfo set up on some of my servers, so I can quickly see which server I'm controlling when I've got multiple sessions open through Safeguard. Currently Safeguard seems to disable all desktop backgrounds by default. Is there a way…