RDP problem to Centos 7

Hi there

one of my client couldn't connect through RDP to CentOS server after upgrading SPS to 6.11.1

and i got following logs:

Static virtual channel count mismatch; client_to_server='6', server_to_client='5'
Function failed; function='rdp_mangle_mcs_init_rsp'
Function failed; function='rdp_mangle_pdu_dt'
Function failed; function='rdp_mangle_iso3'

before upgrade it was ok.

how can i fix this issue ?

client OS : windows 8.1

server OS : Centos 7

  • Hi Saeed,

    Upgrading SPS can introduce changes that could make older method of the connection become incompatible for example, SHA1 certificates are no longer accepted with RDP in SPS 6.10 or higher and so that would require updating the system certificate to use SHA256. 

    SPS version 6.11.1 is no longer supported. The currently supported version for feature release of SPS is version 6.13.1, if the issue persists with the latest version, you may open a service request with support to troubleshoot the issue further.