• SPS with RDS


    We are planning to deploy OneIdentity SPS for session monitoring. We want to deploy it as a Remote Desktop Gateway in front of a windows server (Session Host) so that HTTP session will be recorded and replayed as video.

    So, I configure SPS policy…

  • Allow Simultaneous Access in ARPs

    Can anyone explain to me the real impact of the "Allow Simultaneous Access" checkbox that appears on the Access Request Policy of type RDP Session?

    For instance, if I set the "Maximum Users at One Time" value to 10, does it mean that only 10…

  • RDP Session User Idle Timeout Causes Password Issue


    I have configured an entitlement that contains an RDP access request policy.

    The RDP ARP has the following settings enabled:

    • Allow Simultaneous Access: 3
    • Close Expired Sessions

    It uses the safeguard_rdp SPS connection policy which uses the following…

  • RDP Application – RDP Host Asset Account Feature Limitation

    Hi Team,

    We have a limitation with the RDP Host Asset Account feature and was wondering if there is a known workaround or roadmap for enhancement.

    The limitation is that the RDP Host Asset Account needs to be pre-specified in the Access Request Policy…

  • Seeking Solution: SPP Entitlements and User-to-Server Access Mapping Issue

    I've encountered a challenge with entitlements in SPP concerning user-to-server access mapping. With our configuration, individual domain accounts are set up to grant access to particular Windows Servers. However, when a user initiates a new request within…

  • Configuring RemoteApp


    I am trying to make Microsoft SQL server run as a RemoteApp on a Windows server.

    I have followed these steps in the GitHub tutorial: SafeguardAutomation/RDP Applications/Tutorial at master · OneIdentity/SafeguardAutomation · GitHub…

  • MSSQL Session Request

    I am having SPP 7.0 (joined with SPS 7.0) and I wanted to integrate a SQL Server with it to allow users asking for a session request and use the MSSQL connection of SPS but I cannot create an Access Request Policy that allow for a session request. I also…

  • Terminate RDP session not working

    Hi all.

    The Terminate button of an RDP session not ending. The active connection is still on and SPS creates a new entry in the Search page to say the session is terminated and another new one for the active session.

    On the client side, the RDP session…

  • Inquiry about OISPS RDP Domain membership permissions

    Dear Gents,

    Please specify the permissions needed for the domain admin that OI SPSv7.0 uses to make RDP Domain membership. 

  • RDP session times out on the server i'm trying to connect to


    i'm having a problem while requesting a session in RDP. The error returned by the RDP client is 0x2104, just like said in this KB. I already tried using telnet from the machine to the SPS appliance and from the SPS appliance to the target server…

  • Gateway Authentication failed

    Hi all,

    i'm trying to configure a Pasword Initiated Session request for both a Windows and a Linux asset. The  configuration of the appliances should be ok since on another environment it works fine.I can request both sessions successfully and i can…

  • Integration with VMware

    Dear Team,

    is it possible to integrate PAM Safeguard with VMs such as VMware  vSphere and Nutanix etc.

    so any new VM will be added automatically not manually ( without PAM Admin interaction ).

    Thanks in advance.

  • SPS connection is rejected by Windows Server.

    Dear Experts,

    I am facing a problem when connecting to a Windows server through SPP. Below is the error which I am receiving.

    “Remote Desktop Connection This computer can’t connect to the remote computer. Try connecting again. If the problem continues…

  • RDP problem to Centos 7

    Hi there

    one of my client couldn't connect through RDP to CentOS server after upgrading SPS to 6.11.1

    and i got following logs:

    Static virtual channel count mismatch; client_to_server='6', server_to_client='5'
    Function failed; function…

  • Inquiry about SPS Active Directory Integration

    I want to use Active Directory as Authentication Backend for RDP RDGW.

    1. SPS is joined to the domain in Domain Membership.
    2. RDP Settings, I selected to Enable NLA and require domain membership.
    3. LDAP Server Policy is configured and selected in RDP Policy…
  • Setup Safeguard 6.11 for RDP file transfer


    I tried searching the community about the same issue but seems that was from an pretty old version of Safeguard. I checked the RDP channel policy in SPS is enabled with "Clipboard" but the RDP session still does not allow copying files from local…

  • Access Denied Message after Using SSH to connect to the Server through Safeguard

    Hi Professionals...

    I have a strange problem when our users try to connect to some servers through Safeguard.

    users can not access to some servers via SSH Connection. They can enter username and password but can not login due to Access denied message…

  • SPS RDP Default "sg" Password Customization

    Hi, with SPS running in non transparent mode, we would typically be required to key in "sg" in the password field during logon to the session thru SPS. Is this "sg" password customizable? Example, can we change the password to say "companyname"? Or is…

  • RDP session can't start


    while requesting new RDP session through SPP terminal.

    session starts as follow : 1- authenticating to SPS successes

    2- authenticating to Host server failed  

    as it is non-transparent mode.


    This Computer can't connect to remote computer…

  • Web UI issues with RDP sessions


    We have Safeguard for Privileged Passwords, version 2.11 installed and we have two issues with the Web UI:

    -First issue:

    When a user requests a session and click on the play button to start the session it shows this message: 

    "Session launched.…

  • Remote Desktop background disabled on Server 2016

    Hi all,

    I want to get BGInfo set up on some of my servers, so I can quickly see which server I'm controlling when I've got multiple sessions open through Safeguard. Currently Safeguard seems to disable all desktop backgrounds by default. Is there a way…

  • Configuring RDP Settings for One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions (SPS)

    The following sections describe configuration settings available only for the RDP protocol. Use the following policies to control who, when, and how can access the RDP connection.

    • Channel Policy: The channel policy determines which RDP channels (for…

  • How To: Encode the address of the destination server in the username field

    This is an excerpt from the SPS documentation, located here:


    Users have the option to encode the address of…

  • SPS TIP: Windows settings that interfere with username extraction in SPS

    This is an excerpt from the SPS documentation, located here:


    When processing RDP connections, SPS attempts to extract the…

  • How to resolve the warning 'Certificate or associated chain is invalid (Code: 0x10000)'?

    After configuring Safeguard for PSM, the following certificate message is requested when you open an RDP session via Safeguard.
    'Certificate or associated chain is invalid (Code: 0x10000)'

    This warning is due to the fact that a trusted RDP Signing…