• Recording HTTP/HTTPS URL's control

    Hello Experts,

    I am looking to add some URL's in Safeguard for control and record and would like to know is there anyway to achieve this? because I see only rdp and ssh/telnet options and not https in SPP. I have some Firewall that already are added through…

  • Gateway Authentication failed

    Hi all,

    i'm trying to configure a Pasword Initiated Session request for both a Windows and a Linux asset. The  configuration of the appliances should be ok since on another environment it works fine.I can request both sessions successfully and i can…

  • SPS console access

    Hi all,

    it may even seem a stupid question but i hope you can sort this doubt of mine.

    So when we first deploy SPS appliance on the virtual machine the IP address used to connect to it is the one set in the eth0 interface of the VM (if we changed the…

  • SPS AD login option


    I am trying to add an Active Directory as login option in SPS, the configuration is correct but when i test the connection the response is "Some paths were missing from the request body.".



  • is that any way to index movies that located on archive server?

    is that any way to index movies that located on archive server?

  • SPS cannot boot up normally

    I have a SuperMicr Server that host SPS system , When i access it console to start the configuration , It cannot bootup normally and give me the eroro shown on the photo 

    How can i solve that issue 


    and this phot from teh starting…

  • Default IP adress for the IPMI Interface

    Hello Team,

    I have an Virtual Apllicance syslog-ng and Safeguard sesison priviligae that hosted in 2 seperate Server DELL (SuperMicr) , i need to access IMPI interface , What the default IP address and username/password

  • SPS as Gateway for Termius SSH connections

    Hello Experts,

    I've seen SPS can act as a gateway for connections coming from 3rd party client tools like termius etc. I've seen the SPS guide and did the configuration by creating a new connection (another IP) in SPS controls and added LDAP for integration…

  • Reinstall SPS does not work


    i want to reinstall an SPS, but is does not work.

    The installation guide (https://support.oneidentity.com/technical-documents/one-identity-safeguard-for-privileged-sessions/6.0.1/installation-guide/3) says download ISO, make it bootable, boot, install…

  • SPS SSH Issue


    Anyone faced issue with SSH accessing Ubuntu ?

    We have ARP for SSH with User Supplied Credentials and it fails with incorrect password. we thought something related to network but when we bypass Safeguard and plug a laptop on that interface and…

  • SPP and SPS 6.13.1 | Credential store plugin


    I have uploaded to SPS a customized credential store "SPS_safeguard".

    When selecting that Credential store in the SPS RDP connection policy which is shared with SPP.

    it gives the following error.

    Invalid configuration

  • RDP problem to Centos 7

    Hi there

    one of my client couldn't connect through RDP to CentOS server after upgrading SPS to 6.11.1

    and i got following logs:

    Static virtual channel count mismatch; client_to_server='6', server_to_client='5'
    Function failed; function…

  • Telnet lunch button

    Hi there

    I added telnet policy in SPS and it's joined to SPP, when i submit a request it doesn't show lunch button only token is available,

    and also after copying token  to Putty i should type username and password manually is there a way to fix…

  • Inquiry about SPS Active Directory Integration

    I want to use Active Directory as Authentication Backend for RDP RDGW.

    1. SPS is joined to the domain in Domain Membership.
    2. RDP Settings, I selected to Enable NLA and require domain membership.
    3. LDAP Server Policy is configured and selected in RDP Policy…
  • Safeguard SPS Azure Radius/NPS MFA

    Hi guys,

    I'm running SPS 6.9.3 and i've configured AA radius plugin to perform MFA against Azure Radius/NPS.

    Everything is working fine for both RDP and SSH sessions as long as 2FA is performed with OTP received by the user via SMS, when 2FA is…

  • File sharing using SSH session

    Dears ,, 

    our users logging to SPP and play their session to do their daily operation job, however some user ask for password to log in to their server for file sharing purposes. 

    So can the user using SPP to play a session for file sharing? So instead…

  • Disk Full in SPS 6.12

    Hi Safeguard experts,

    We experienced 100% disk full in SPS and now it rejects all the incoming connections. Is there a way to quickly check what files are taking the space and free up the disk from the admin page? We have already defined a cleanup p…

  • Password Mismatch Issue on SPS 6.11

    Hi Team,

    In the previous two weeks, we noticed one account on a Solaris asset getting Password check mismatch error daily. the asset has multiple accounts but the issue is happening on one account only.

    We have tried changing the password from SPS Console…

  • Safeguard Proxy Support for Oracle DB

    A prospect is selecting a PAM Solution between the leaders and have to manage several connections for their DB admin directly from their Oracle clients tool.

    They ask that the DBAs can create secure sessions directly from their desktop without the need…

  • how to remove one of the managed host sps from cluster ?


    we have 3 sps that joined to spp cluster (primary and replica).

    1 sps with central management and search master role.

    2 sps with managed host and search minion roles.

    my question:

    is there any way to remove 1 sps with managed host and search minion…

  • Sps with load balancer


    what kind of configuration has to be done on load balancer for SPS, for example round Robin, sticky sessions, etc, or is enough to use dns as load balancer?

    In my case I don't have SPP.

    Thank you

  • Time issue - Export CSV

    I have problem when use export csv .

    downloaded file's time column had time without addition time zone

    for example


    but correct is


    sps system time +( time zone (+5:30:00)) = correct tim…

  • One Identity SPS Websocket request


    I have a problem with an application reachable through SPS.
    In particular, when the application tries to make Websocket calls it is blocked.
    I have already set the ip in the "inband destination selection" and added the websocket protocol but the problem…

  • Network Bandwidth requirement for SPP and SPS 6.11

    Hi there,

    Considering the following deployment scenario, I need some advice on the required network bandwidth of the VPN gateways for the SPP and SPS to function smoothly (<20 sec for every request) with RDP/SSH connections, video recordings, passwords…

  • Syslog integration SPP & SPS 6.11

    Hi There,

    We have configured a Syslog Server (Linux) in SPP and SPS. The Syslog server feeds the Azure SentiNel SIEM solution.

    In SPP, I am using External Integration -> Syslog

    In SPS, I am using Universal SIEM Forwarder.

    Connections work fine (verified…