Safeguard Query

Hi Team,

we just deployed Safegaurd virtual appliance in our lab to test the features. The version is

After installing desktop client, we are not able to see directory option in Administrative tools section.  I logged in with administrator account with all required privileges.

Please advise if there is any configuration change need to be done for this feature. 

  • There was a design change introduced in the 2.7 version that removed the Directory menu. A full explanation is available in the 2.7 Release notes.


    Safeguard for Privileged Passwords version 2.7, has been simplified to allow for a separation of duties based only on identity management, asset management, access policy configuration, and appliance maintenance. In the migration to version 2.7, greater flexibility is realized through these high-level assignments:

    • Directories are migrated to assets.
    • Accounts include both directory accounts and asset accounts.
    • Each directory is assigned its own partition in the migration to version 2.7.

    Click the link below for more information: