Configuring Tags (or Dynamic Groups) based on a Rule in Account Discovery Job or A Partition Profile

Hello Experts,

Is there a way to assign tags to the accounts which are discovered using a particular rule inside an Account Discovery Job. This job can have multiple rules but my requirement is just to Tag the ones which are being discovered using the conditions mentioned in one particular rule. Now this rule has a unique partition profile assigned which no other rule will use, so if there is a way to Tag the account using the profile, that will also work. We can see the accounts which are associated to the profile if we go into Profile tab and click on details, I just want the same feature to be available using tags or Dynamic groups.

After we have tagged these accounts based on either discovery rules or profiles, we want to use those tags to configure Dynamic groups, so if there is no option of tagging, can the similar result be achieved using Dynamic Groups as well?

Any guidance or pointers will be highly appreciated.

Thanks !!

Rohit Joshi

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