Can't complete SPP initial setup without OS licensing


I need to setup test environment using trial version v 6.0 LTS, but initial setup can't complete.

issue was in OS licensing,

As it is test environment, I don't have OS key for it.

So, How can i skip OS licensing? 

please also define the OS version which SPP based on.

thanks in advance

  • Hi Mahmound

    To answer your fist question there is no way to skip the MS license requirement's when you setup a virtual SPP appliance.

    You have to supply an MS license. It is not supplied by One Identity even for evaluations.

    License requirement's are outlined in the Administration guide.. There  is also an appliance setup guide which contains the same information.

    If you search the admin guide for KMS server or Windows 10  you will find the details around licensing that is required to get a virtual appliance up and working.

    To answer your second question, Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC is the MS O/S that SPP sits on.

    All the best


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