Directory Provider Sync Failed alerts and Directory Asset Sync Failed alerts

Stated getting Directory Provider Sync Failed and Directory Asset Sync Failed alerts continuosly after upgrading safeguard to 6.11 from 2.*, All settings looks good and tested domain controller connectivity successfully. Not sure whats causing all these alerts.

  • Hi Sharvani,

    Could you check under Assets > Select the Active Directory Asset > right click and test connection. Does the test complete successfully?

    If this works, then double click the Active Directory Asset and check the current settings > Under Management > Advanced 

    - you can increase the sync interval in case its happening more often than it should, default is 15 minutes for Sync additions 

    - you can test using "Specify a domain controller" which allows you to list specific DCs that you wish to use instead of having Safeguard use DNS to contact all DCs, in case there are any stale DCs that are in DNS and are not available or reachable by Safeguard.

    If the issue persists, please open a service request to investigate this further via our support portal