One Identity SPS Websocket request


I have a problem with an application reachable through SPS.
In particular, when the application tries to make Websocket calls it is blocked.
I have already set the ip in the "inband destination selection" and added the websocket protocol but the problem persists.
Anyone have any ideas?


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  • Ok, thanks for the answer.

    Before the ticket, I need to upgrade from version 6.7.2 to 6.11.x. 

    Do you know if the system tells you, in advance, what the possible problems are when you upgrade? In the sense, I would not like to run after the problems given the various version jumps. I have already seen from the documentation that various changes have been introduced but I'm not 100% sure that I'am aligned with the requirements


  • Hi Daniele,

    The firmware update will only test \ confirm the upgrade eligibility for example the upgrade path will need to be 6.7.2 > 6.10.1 > 6.11.1

    For issues that could arise from changes in newer firmware versions, you would need to review the documentation to make sure that you meet the requirements, for example SHA1 certificates are no longer supported as of SPS version 6.10 and above which would impact RDP connections if these old certificates are still being used by target systems.

    It is always best to perform the upgrade in a test environment if possible before implementing the change in production.