how to remove one of the managed host sps from cluster ?


we have 3 sps that joined to spp cluster (primary and replica).

1 sps with central management and search master role.

2 sps with managed host and search minion roles.

my question:

is there any way to remove 1 sps with managed host and search minion role ?


if one sps had problem , how to force connections pass through healthy sps and bypass troubled sps ?

  • Hi Saeed,

    There is no option currently to remove a particular SPS node from a configuration cluster.

    If this is using SPP initiated session requests then you can bypass the problematic SPS by using an SPP feature named "Managed Networks".

    With Managed Networks in SPP, you can specify a network segment (for target systems you will be connecting to, for example an IP range) and select only the working SPS nodes to be used for session requests routed to this network segment. This way when a user makes a SPP initiated request, the session will be routed based on the Managed network setting. If the target IP address is not included in the Managed network created then it will use the default setting which routes to all available nodes by default.

    SPP does its own load balancing as well, so if a SPS node is completely down or offline, then SPP would automatically update \ remove that SPS node from the available list of session appliances.

    For more information on the Managed network feature, please see the admin guide link here: