SPP Directory User doesn't delete in User list after removing it from Directory User Group

Hi all,

i tried to add a Directory User Group (it's the only group i have) to my SPP 7.0 LTE appliance. The group works fine and synchronizes perfectly when i add a user to it. The only problem i have is that when i remove a user from the group on the AD i still see it under the User list.

It gets removed correctly from the Directory User Group though. I even tried to manually sync the AD but the user won't get deleted from the User list.

Is it normal that the removed account from the group doesn't get deleted from the user list? If not, any suggestion on how to fix this?

Thank you

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  • HI  

    When an AD user gets removed from the AD group side, then on the next Safeguard sync interval the user will be removed from the AD User Group in SPP (along with the assigned permissions).

    The AD user is not deleted or disabled from Safeguard.

    Only If the user is deleted in AD then it will be removed from Safeguard on the Delete Sync Interval (which runs every 1440 minutes by default)